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Saturday, December 11, 2010

Meet Lolita!

Come visit, say hello to her! She loves company!

Lolita is my newest primitive angel doll. She is a winter snow angel....

I wanted to name her Noelle. But she insisted on a hot name like Lolita.

 I love gathering and planning all the tiny details that go into a doll like this....

It can take me years to find just the perfect somethings that will bring my dolly to life...
Here are her tiny underclothes---a white baby t-shirt chemise and vintage net and lace panties....

Here she is wearing them...and her teeny-tiny lace trimmed socks:

This is her sweater---a handknit vintage baby sweater, so perfect! And her mittens, fluffy marabou feathered scarf, and crystal wire halo...

This is the bodice of her dress...remnants of a recycled Victorian nightgown. The long white dimity skirt has handmade lace inserts. It was once an apron.

And her little white ice skates, of course.

Here she is..Lolita! All dressed up for the Christmas ice skating party, tonight at the pond....

And here she is with her dear friend Grace...

and their best friend Honesty Jane....

All my angels are available in my etsy shop. Come visit!




gone to the beach....


  1. Oh my gosh they are so pretty ♥ LOVE the angels

  2. Lizzy..your angels are beautiful! I love all of the details and special elements that go into the making. :)

  3. I love anything white on white and these angels call peace and quiet elegance this Christmas. Lovely Lizzy.

  4. You make gorgeous things! Imagination and talent - unbeatable combination! Want to share?

  5. I was wandering back through your blog and am more impressed than ever at the level of detail and care that goes into each and every one of your creations!

    I stand by my prior comment: gorgeous!

  6. So thrilled to have found talented YOU!
    It is a feast for the eyes to wander your page and see the photos with wonderful descriptions. I will so enjoy having Lolita in my home, and my Mother will adore Grace.
    Wish we could visit in person!


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