I wiped away the weeds & foam. / I fetched my sea-born treasures home... Ralph Waldo Emerson

Friday, September 3, 2010

New White Lavender Hearts

New white hearts! Straight from The Beach....

Last weekend, before we all got crazy with Hurricane Earl, I sat on the peaceful white sand beach and made a batch of new white on white hearts.

Then Google / Blogspot wouldn't upload my photos! I was sad.

But here they are. SOLD/ all 10 are sold, yay! You can see my other hearts, lots of antique indigo, very prim, on ebay and etsy....

They are on etsy now or you can buy them right here, informally using email and Paypal, just like esty.

ALL hearts are 6.oo each. Shipping is $3.50, plus 1.oo for each additional heart shipped in the same order.

* * * * *                                                                  * * * * *

#1-Antique whitework quilt scrap/handmade lace/ MOP button

#2-white machine quilted cotton/ antique lace/
antique embroidered sheer ribbon/ vintage rhinestone button

#3-birds-eye linen tea towel, cutwork embroidery/
ivory handmade silk ribbon/ white vintage button

#4-fine homespun linen, natural/antique lace/ fabric rose

#5-whitework antique quilt, cotton/
antique lace/ vintage rhinestone button

#6-birds-eye linen tea towel, cutwork embroidery/
ivory handmade lace/ MOP button

#7-birds-eye linen tea towel, cutwork embroidery/
ivory antique lace/ MOP button w/ tiny rhinestone

#8- embroidered sheer band on ivory linen/ silk ribbon/MOP button

#9-fine homespun linen, natural/antique lace/ fabric rose

machine quilted white cotton/
cocoa-grey ribbon/ grey MOP antique button

You can use the zoom function for a really close look!

Options/ NO EXTRA Charge:

You can have a ribbon loop added, for hanging.

And/or a motto. (I am low on CHERISH but  I can try to get more.)
However, if you request a handstamped motto, like my Sweet Dreams hearts, that is 1.00 extra. You may choose any motto, within reason, as long as it fits.

  • backings are white/ ecru linen or birds-eye linen.
  • cutwork and fragile fabrics are lined with translucent interfacing so that no lavender buds creep out.
  • size: 5 1/2" x 4 1/2", abut the size of the palm of your hand.
  • entirely handmade with vintage/antique/ or special modern fabrics and trims.
  • Filling is 100% Cape Cod lavender buds, natural scent (plus polyfil for plumpness). Scent is light and pleasing.

One of a kind/ handmade/ no returns pls. (I always say that but if there is a problem, pls let me know. I want my hearts to be tiny treasures that bring joy.)

I love special orders and will work with you to choose special antique linens from my collection. And of course will do any size or quantity you desire.

Hope you enjoy seeing the hearts in this way, please let me know even if you do not chose to buy any. And remember, my Summer Blues hearts, on etsy, are tiny treasures also...sweet summer memories...




               ...gone to the beach

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  1. I love your hearts Lizzy and love white on white. That is how my bedroom is decorated. They bring about a special feel to them and I can see you love making them.


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