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Friday, April 12, 2024

The Spring Flower Show

 Hi everyone! This year I celebrated Easter with a visit with friends to the annual flower show.  It was busy verging on crowded but so beautiful after these relentlessly grey stormy days of Winter '24. I hope you'll enjoy a stroll through the show with me. click on any image to see a large image slide show  for details.

Gorgeous planters in the parking lots as we walked in.

I love the newly popular  hellebores, but didn't see them to buy.

Inside, entering the big greenhouses. note: that lady found a Pug pillow!?

Beautiful orchids by the check out lane.

Show theme seemed to be Festivals Around the World, so we have Day of the Dead, Oktoberfest, and others.

Tropical settings.

I was intrigued by these beautiful unknown fruits.

Water features. I always admire these immensely. So mush effort for a temporary installation. 
The new big fountain.

The waterfall and pond.

The river of India, with waterlily pond.

Then a fave of mine, the Easter baskets. [I always get home and wish I'd bought one but for example this baskets, including tax, almost $100.oo!

I considered the darling Bunny, but his ears were sadly chipped.

Last, circling around through the For Purchase greenhouse:

Pansies: always unique rare varieties of pansies and violas. 

Seeds selection. You'll be seeing more of these as summer begins here in late June.

Nasturtiums and straw flowers at the request of blog friend Mel.

I treated myself to a small selection of the fancy violas. The blue is unusual because the petals are various shades of blue. The Yellow stripey ones are the Tiger Eyes we loved last year. The third a subtle old fashioned two tone. They were not marked for variety, I need to do some Google Plant Searching. These small pots are 5.99 each.

It was a bit hard to get good photos due to the crowds, and impossible to get close and read the posted signs explaining the theme and what the flowers are. But I love going every year, such a special experience.  
Official link here and brief ten seconds video Hick's Nursery Flower Show HERE

On a weekend-y note: last week I made a beautiful asparagus tart. Better with puff pastry but the phyllo dough worked ok.

Caramelized sweet onions, layered with fresh asparagus, crumbled goat cheese on top.

No recipe so this package label was my cooking guide.

edit: Oh Look Martha made this tart too. Slightly diferent ingredients but good instructions!  HERE

The wind is howling but the rain is gone. Off to walk Mo. [video from our wonderful dogwalker]



gone to the beach.....

just now, note the huge storm waves:

And a few fun eclipse pics from friends.

From his outdoor office space in NYC. "Eclipse People" 

and from mybrother who was in a 100% area:


  1. Love those little marigold seeds you bought--they will be so pretty! I am hoping my saved seeds from last year will sprout...If it EVER warms up enough!!
    Yellow Stripey pansies are so different--I've never seen them before...really pretty...
    Thanks for the virtual tour--hugs, Julierose;)))

  2. Gorgeous flowers, they do a great job with presentation. Your asparagus looks so yummy, another recipe to try. Eclipse was a dud, overcast and rain immediately after the minutes of totality. Next day was perfectly clear and sunny. Snow-rain showers this morning and blowing it all sideways. Sourdough bread and blueberry muffins baked, hummus made, a good day for kitchen work.

  3. Thank you for sharing your wonderful visit. What a way to brighten up a day!

  4. What a grand display of flowers! They must have to work really hard to have them all bloom at the same time.
    Your tart looks and sounds delicious. I love caramelized onions.

  5. Your post is such a feast of flowers. So much to see and desire! The Tiger's eye violas are terrific and the zinnias are a treat to look forward to on your deck.
    I love the cracking, determined pace Mo sets on his walk - and we're off .........

  6. Such beautiful flowers, just refreshing. What a gorgeous tart, perfect for springtime.


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