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Friday, September 22, 2023

Rainbow Carrots, Liberty Pumpkins and other Stuff Going On

Hi everyone! Hard to believe it's the autumn equinox tomorrow. This is the last Friday, and last day!, of official summer '23, though here we desperately hang on, considering Columbus Day an end of summer omen, and Veterans Day in November the start of Fall. I mentioned buying pumpkins and mums to a friend and she was horrified! #nopumpkinstiloctober

Having said that, the odd upstart storm Ophelia, if she comes here, may usher in a few rainy colder days this weekend.

The weather has been glorious, one Ten Best Day candidate after another.

In the still mornings on my hot sunny deck, the flowers are filled with butterflies. This swallowtail comes for hours, flitting away if I come too close.

                                                                                                                  [google image]

Then there is the giant Monarch butterfly. He is so big [as is the swallowtail],I think he is a bird when his arrival catches my eye. The wings must be the size of the palm of my hand. [google image]


I was surprised to find this info--yes, the monarchs can have wingspans of almost 5".

I'm also seeing admirals and many yellow sulfurs. The sulfurs are very shy!

I was surprised to find out that 1-they prefer red flowers 2-rest on yellow flowers for camouflage 3-migrate like monarchs, except they go to Florida not Mexico. [I'll put some saved pages about the butterflies at the very end in case anyone is as nature nerdy as I am, wants to read more.


I prepped handwork so Mo and I can enjoy evry single day outdoors. This one is Liberty Pumpkins. So far it doesn't seem very Autumn Pumpkin-y but it's cute. Pattern by Jan Patek, at 90%, leaves at 80%.

And the next Sarah Sporrer block is Rainbow Carrots [10 cents a bunch]. So cute, easy. It too is reduced in size at 75% plus some redrawing.  The blocks are quite random, there's no theme yet/ ever? Next is a Pineapple, of course---and I hope to find the Pumpkin/ Coneflower one for October.

Last  i put together some antique indigo/ cadet blue blocks, for a primitive little make-do quilt.

For handquilting if we have power failures. Only to find out I have NO batting for it, just small mini quilt bits. Amazon? Old flannel sheet?


While i was having medical issues Mo went to friends for more than a week. I think the longest he has ever been away. Looks like he had a wonderful time  and was not homesick a bit.

He was wary when he got home, 

It took him about three hours to settle in, then he fell asleep--exhausted, with his favorite blanky I forgot to send in the chaos of the ER trip.


Recent Nature Journal: I'm a bit behind, this is last week. I didn't start this week yet, bad double vision and shaky hands, migraine after infusion day.

I lost my pretty golden heart shaped leaf from the hospital parking lot. It looked like this.

The other leaf is a Bradford pear from infusion clinic sidewalk. [not an apple]. A few ornammental trees turn early due to hot weather stress.

Gorgeous drawing of the heart leaf, by one of my art journal heroes, below.

As the sun sets this evening, I'll light my first autumn candles, warding off the coming months of darkness. Sunset tonight is at 6.53 pm. 

Have a good weekend!



 gone to the beach...

photos for us from my friend:

below, a manmade jetty--on the left is her neighborhood's private beach, 
on the right is the surfing beach I show sometimes.

Butterfly photos except the swallowtail/ zinnia are via google images.

 Here are some butterfly info pages I enjoyed:


  1. I hope you have recovered and better now. Your blog is full of wonderful things. Your blue blocks are great, love them.
    I’m not ready for pumpkins, Summer is arriving quickly and it’s going to be hot and dry. I love to see butterflies in the garden and need to take note which ones they are.
    It’s nice to know that Moe is happy with someone else when these occasions happen.
    Take care of yourself.

  2. I do hope you are feeling much better now. And that Ophelia isn't wreaking too much devastation there. We are seeing just a bit 0f light rain this evening being on the western edge of the system, earlier this morning it was beautiful weather in Letchworth Park for grandson's cross-country race. All your photos are so inspiring and you know how much I love fall's colors. Pumpkins everywhere now, along with mums, which are very expensive this year.

  3. posting for Mel [Hi Mel!] :Hi from Melody -- I still can't log in!
    I'm very far behind. I'm not getting email notices when you post. I didn't even realize you've been sick! I will have to email you and catch up. I hope you are feeling better.
    I like the butterfly pictures. I *LOVE* swallowtails! I used to grow dill just for them - they like parsley, too, but when I grew both they seemed to prefer the dill. We had a lot of fun watching the caterpillars and how many butterflies came to the yard. I had to be careful when I cut dill to make pickles, though!
    Did you know Monarchs are poisonous because they eat milkweed? And that there is a very similar-looking butterfly (I think it's a Viceroy?) to mimics them because birds won't eat Monarchs and having similar colors offers some protection. (I remember the weirdest trivia, I swear...).
    Take care, and I'll try to catch up soon! ~M.

  4. It was lovely to see the butterflies. I just finished rereading 'The Harvester' by Gene Stratton Porter so I've been reading about lots of nature including the moths and butterflies. It was a nice respite into a slower paced life. I'm hoping we have a nice long fall.

  5. Posting for Nancy : comment on your post -- b/c Google won't let me comment
    Nancy Messier
    Liz D
    Such a beautiful ocean photo at the beginning of this post!
    I love that you hang on to summer until Columbus Day. And now you can buy pumpkins! I love seeing them in September but it has to be cooler weather for me to think about buying pumpkins, gourds, etc.
    I'm surprised that the butterflies visit your enclosed garden flowers. How wonderful.
    Your version of Jan's pumpkin looks great. What do you think would make it look more autumny? And oh, those carrots! Perfect.
    Your little blue quilt--I usually use flannel in my little quilts, just so they won't be stiff as boards. (But I know everyone has their own preference.) How large are the blocks--maybe 12"?
    Your watercolors are so special. You include so much detail.


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