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Thursday, August 11, 2022

Summer Sewing ~ TQC Little Quilty and other Projects.


Hi everyone! August is flying by, pumpkins are proliferating on social media. Too fast for me, I like to savor every moment ---as you guys know. 

Today is I think the hottest summer day so far. I don't care what the weatherbug says, it is sooo hot, sooo humid, not a breath of air. Supposedly we had rain [you blinked, you missed it]; just enough to send the humidity soaring. The ''cool front" is just someone's imagination taking flights of fancy. The past few weeks though, as the rest of the NE sweltered, Mo and I enjoyed lovely summer afternoons, as seabreezes from 60* ocean keep things nice in the shade.

July was sadly rather a lost month for me. I had a medical treatment, that went well but left me with the worse after-effects of pain and aimlessness/ depression; then pushed up too fast afterwards was the 4th Covid booster. I also was very pressed to have sleepover beach company, like I am a bed-n-breakfast, and was/ am being shunned by those persons when I said no. Then there was the broken AC. Car probs, you name it. My big project for July was a king-size duvet cover and 6 pillowcases for the friends who generously  drove me to all my post surgical appointments after my first eye surgery.  I really wanted to repay their kindness and worked hard to get the set made for summer use, only for my friend to say she didn't plan to use it til next Fall or winter.

A king duvet has 12 yards of fabric! Hard to wrestle around with painful shoulders. I worked on the items for about 2 hours a day for a week or so.

Isn't the blue batik beautiful! I had to reuse a perfectly good 75" custom zipper though, as I couldn't seem to source XL long zippers post-covid.]


Then the fun if challenging project: TQC Little Handsewn quilt. Made in summery zinnia colors using a TQC scrap bag mostly.

I always love trying something new!~ I had never handpieced an entire quilt, not even such a tiny one. [finished size: 12 1/2" x 16 1/2"]

I gave up marking the seam allowances bc the Frixion pen's heat erase lines were fading in the hot sun. One's eye gets pretty accurate anyway.

Tension on the stitches was my worst flaw, not sure how that could be corrected? The loose stitches did pull up when the project was washed.

I used an old saved flannel sheet remnant for batting, hoping for nice drape, then stupidly spray basted with an ancient can of poor quality spray, dregs of the can. Turned the little quilt hard and plastic, not easy to needle through. The good news is, again, when washed, it softened back up, all the stiff nasty spray adhesive washed right out.


Small template of Baptist Fan quilting. Another new to me thing, I had never hand quilted Fans. Lots of stops and starts, no flow, unlike, say, wreaths or cables, or even just cross hatches.

You can see I went with the bubble gum pink and yellow for the borders. 

I liked the brown/  neutral choices but last summer I made a brown/ brown bordered little quilt. This time i wanted something new.

Binding: I chose a second chrome yellow calico. Its touches of blue seemed to pick up the Tiny TQC block colors. I recently have noticed quilters who are very proud of, preen a bit? about their tiny narrow bindings. I thought this was a good place to try that idea. I cut the binding 1 5/8 " length of goods, pressed in half then trimmed away the excess on one side to form single ply narrow binding. It finished about 3/16", less than a scant 1/4".

 I like it ok, no real opinion. What do you think, should bindings be very tiny? [as a sometimes quilt restorer who almost always has to replace worn frayed bindings, I have seen that doubled binding  about 3/8" - 1/2" is sturdiest. Not that it matters on a little show quilt, mini.]


And just for fun I used an anachronistic 1930-1950s embroidered tea towel. No reason, just cute, and also TQC always posts project updates on Mondays.

And it makes this tiny quilt fit my Lucky series of little quilts, a few below.


As I sewed I thought about a post of a quilter I follow---she talked about how years ago she was asked to be a quilt show judge, how hard it was. But also she mentioned quilts where the quilter left threads or loose stitches and wondered why they were not more prideful in their work. But since my eye surgery I do see much better, and oh my, a shocker at times, now seeing things i thought were beautiful, just fine, good enough. The corrected eye noe suddenly sees every thread, every chopped point, every crooked seam, every flaw. I felt a sisterhood with the ladies in that long ago show. I bet they had eye issues too...


On deck, I am hand appliqueing some of the stars for Winter Marsh. I don't think it matters in what I consider a utility quilt, if I mix methods. Grateful Pineapple's central section is sewed, revealing a giant issue where the branches meet. As you may know Jan P gives no layout or hints, so I neglected this issue, am regretting it. I have no idea what to do, more on that later. It was to be my August thru October handquilting deck project! Now I am scrambling for handwork, poor planning on my part.


Today I just had to stay inside for a change. Baby Mo is not happy but he has a chew and afterwards he heaved a big sigh, went back to bed. I am training him to sleep here near the head of my [ugly] bed, because under the computer is too cold and drafty during winter storms

His ear is still bad, it may be cool enough for a vet visit, or so I thought. But I got an email from them saying their street and area is closed due to water and sewer pipe replacement. They suggest parking quite far away, much further than Mo can walk [in heavy traffic too] on scorching blacktop. So I am treating his ear at home. Not pleased tho, poor little man.


And the first nature sketch of August. Experimenting with pens again. I'll get back to @roomportraitclub and the tiny watercolors but the past few weeks the challenge photo has been one sofa after another. yawn.

Have a good week! Reminder: Full supermoon tonight and Perseid meteor shower peak. Take an evening walk and enjoy the heavens' show. Sunny day rainbow, below.



gone to the beach...



  1. Your TQC hand-pieced (oh my how wonderful!!) quilt is gorgeous--I love that chrome yellow and the pink...Beautiful finish on this!! And....
    I really like the Black-Eyed Susan you painted in your Nature Journal--a lovely page...

    Poor Mo with that ear infection--can't be fun!!

    We had maybe .02" of rain--just enough, as you said, to make it more humid--if that is possible!!
    We hope that the next few days will allow us to sit out and enjoy a few hours..."Where O Where have the ocean breezes gone?" We usually get them here, but not this year so far...
    I totally understand about that disappearing Frixion pen--I tried to use one and then forgot about the heat dissipating it----so no pattern to cut out--any way--Hope your weekend is a good one hugs, Julierose

  2. Your little Lucky tiny quilt came out great and WOW - I couldn't really tell exactly HOW tiny it is until I saw it with a regular hanger nearby! I had to LOL about how much better you can see now - been there, done that! But aren't you glad you got it done?

    Poor Mo. Does the vet offer any ideas for prevention?

    Interesting little rainbow. If on the same 'side' of the sky as the sun I've heard them called Sun-dogs. Good catch, though!

    I love your nature journal page - poor baby OC! I always enjoy seeing all your artwork - including your quilts!

  3. What a darling little quilt that is, and I like the narrow binding, though it must have been fiddly to do - on top of all the fiddly-ness of the small blocks. Well done to you!

    Perhaps those folk you made the - absolutely gorgeous material by the way - duvet set for are just sleeping under a sheet right now. It has been very hot here and duvets a bit surplus to requirements.

    Must try and do some drawing again - I did threaten to once we downsized and yet, with looking after and worrying about Keith, the joy in life has gone . . . Hope Mo's ear is better soon. Our Theo-cat has ear problems on occasion (mites) and climbs the walls trying to escape me and the ear-drops!

    1. Hi! I hope you get to do some drawing, maybe your garden? The little blocks were pretty easy, less daunting than hand sewing something huge.
      As long as the giftees know I am thankful for their friendship and maybe enjoy the batik gift someday, that is fine. Most people here sleep w air conditioning, so a duvet is usual, they make light summer ones.

  4. The back of your little TQC quilt is so neat! Yellow and pink work beautifully together. I love your choice of Monday embroidery backing - inspired.
    I'm always in two minds about single binding, bore than the actual size. I know that single is probably more in keeping with the small quilt but tend to wonder if the sturdiness of double binding might not last better?
    Your allover fan quilting is great. I'm doing a similar allover, simplified version.
    I'm delighted your sight is improving. Forget the quilt police I say!!
    The batik duvet fabric is fabulous. Dealing with so much fabric is a daunting task. Braver than me. Well done.
    Thinking of dear Mo and his pesky ear problem.
    Spring is fast approaching, as we look forward to some rain (which always comes as the azaleas are at their best).

  5. I'm far behind in visiting blogs and leaving comments but I did want to say how wonderful I think your TQC quilt is. Really delightful. And the cow, too.
    I'm sorry July was a difficult month for your health. How sad that your would-be guests didn't take your health into consideration. I think people sometimes decide what they want, no matter what, and then feel angry/unhappy when it doesn't work out because they didn't consider the needs of others involved in their plans.
    I hope your friends DO use the duvet you made, love it, and let you know it. It's too bad you had to work so hard to finish it for them not to use it now.
    Your "Good Luck on Monday" quilt is adorable. I think I could always do with some good luck on Mondays! (Though I don't really believe in luck, I like the idea of luck.)
    I'm so glad your eye is seeing better. In the past I have thought about how vision and how what we see or how clearly we see--or don't see--effects so many parts of our lives, and certainly the lives of the women who lived before us and left less than perfect creations behind. It's always best to give a little grace....
    I hope you're having a good week this week!


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