I wiped away the weeds & foam. / I fetched my sea-born treasures home... Ralph Waldo Emerson

Wednesday, September 15, 2021



Good evening! Tonight I am looking back at this odd summer, enjoying again my tiny bouquets.

I have a pet peeve about bloggers who just disappear, so to keep everyone updated, I am sharing that I am suddenly facing some health issues [not covid!] that may impact my  beachwalking, quilting, writing---and blogging. Please know I value all my readers, you are my friends. I will do my best to post and especially to respond to comments. I am not always able to do that right now, but I am trying. I added new Follow by Email buttons to the right sidebar and to the end of the post page for phone and tablet viewers. This will keep you in the loop. Please keep in touch. All will be well.

Mo and I had a wonderful summer! I hope you all did too.



gone to the beach...


  1. Prayers and good thoughts coming your way, love to you and Mo.

  2. I'm sorry to hear about health problems, Lizzy! Whatever is going on, I hope it turns out to be something mild, not too painful, and very short-term. I'll include you in my prayers.
    Thank you for sharing your zinnias and hydrangeas. Beautiful!

  3. Sorry about your having health issues--I totally "get it" as I have "disappeared" from blogland myself with this sciatica and the spasms from it...hope all goes well for you and you can get back to your lovely wandering walks...hugs and good thoughts, Julierose

  4. We ALL understand health issues! So don't stress about updates, we'll be hanging around when you get around to it. Just take good care of yourself!

  5. I hope you're back to good health real soon. Your post always calm and refresh me.

    1. Thanks, Robin! Thanks, everyone. All will be well, in time.

  6. Lizzy sending you lots of hugs, hoping your back to feeling better real soon!!! Enjoy this beauful fall weather and stay safe!

  7. I had a wonderful summer and am not ready to say goodbye to it yet!
    I know you've had flare ups and treatments that have set you back, literally. I'm so sorry. Praying for a speedy recovery and a strong body.

  8. Im sorry to hear that! I hope its not something that will cause you too much pain.You take care. I'll be thinking of you. Kit 💕

  9. Always love to see the colorful flowers you post. Just beautiful:)

    Having a few 'warm' days here, so summer is going strong, stll. It has flown by, though.

    Glad to hear from you whenever you are up for it. You take care.


  10. Sending many, many get strong soon thoughts and wishes.
    Your delicious little cheerful posies are a delight. I'm going to give zinnias a go this Summer after being inspired by your lovely colours.

  11. Love the summer flowers so much. Wish I remembered to bring them inside occasionally!


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