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Wednesday, August 4, 2021

Out and About ~ What's New and Fun at Home Goods

Good evening! My friend and I made our once a month visit to Home Goods the other day. I wanted a couple new dog beds for Mo, so that we don't have to carry his home beds back and forth if he stays with friends. But no. Home Goods was jam packed with other things instead---two themes Fall/ Halloween and Exotic Boho.

Seems to soon for Halloween, but I suppose retail has to cater to the autumn lovers who start putting out pumpkins the day after Fourth of July. [Like putting up one's Christmas Tree the day after Labor Day!]. Usually I don't mind, being a clothing designer I was always focused on a season either far ahead or just passed. But I love summer and try to enjoy every single day. It is hot here through early November most years.

Anyway. If you love the mercury glass pumpkins, now is the time to get a few! The lighted ones, quite large were only $12.00! 

I like the tall gourds a lot, but really have so many punkins, so I said no.

Cool signs. I'd leave mine out on the deck for a few years to weather. I like the palm reader hand, the Salem one not as much as it glorifies a terrible time in our early history.

Various Halloween cute stuff, mostly [oddly] wool felt: The Jacks are a garland.

Grey Fall decor for those minimalist purists who cannot abide an orange thing in their home.

Grey bowls, grey transferware.

Beaded grey / silver pumpkin pillows.

Then, Boho, which I adore.

On Instagram I follow a person who is a beachcomber in Morocco. the_sea_is_secret  here and while he mostly shows his fabulous sea glass finds, he also shows foods and markets and textiles seen in Morocco. So colorful and alluring. Home Goods currently captures that look of a Moroccan bazaar, with adds of India and Indonesia mixed in:

The bolster pillows I love, recycled India textiles, kantha stitch quilting:

Lots of pouffes! poufs? [Pouffes are like cube shaped stools made of fabric, like little extra seats or stools.] The colors are so rich and amazing. Eggplant, saffron:

I really loved this deep eggplant square pouffe. Much deeper purple like an eggplant, darker than in pics.

And subtle and textural

I especially loved these neutral linen big pillows, good for fall and winter. Embroidery! Tiny mirrors, just a delight.

A few still-here Summer items. Pineapples are still in style but white. Hmmm.


A variety of blue transferware, if you are starting or filling in your collection. Really inexpensive, under five dollars-ish

These are giant seaglass bottles, thigh high/ 30" tall. For your summer wine cork collection, or beach glass and shells?

And a few darling roosters, thouh not garden stakes.


Back home, doing online shopping, I got this pair of fall sneakers in a delicious pumpkin wool. Allbirds' unusual color ways often sell out immediately. I think they will be so cute with everything. These are Pipers, a bit more support than the original Runners. scroll down for the wool sneaks. here

I've lost the knack of shopping though. Many afternoons are spent slow stitching or deadheading the zinnias. Often too cold to swim!

btw My apricot galette was just awful. The apricots were so sour, like no apricots I ever tasted. The berries were cute but seedy. The store bought and repurposed crust was delicious. 

Have a good week!



gone to the beach...

*this is last year's shell art installation, made to show hope during the Covid crisis. Winter winds obscured the painted shells this second winter past but the Par Ducks lived on. Now someone has dug out some of the remaining pieces, I see my rainbow and my pumpkin there.


  1. Such lovely Fall goodies instore!! I like those mirror embroidered pillows the best...sounds like you had a really nice day shopping!!
    PT this morning once again...I am coming along--but slowly--one step forward--three back sort of thing...
    hugs from my heating pad Julierose

  2. It's nice to get out and look around, isn't it! Those pillows and pouffes are cool - I loved the eggplant one, too. I don't really 'do' pillows, though; the few I have were gifts. My sofa doesn't really lend itself to pillows, lol.

    I'm not getting out much. It seems another COVID scare is going around here, some places are back to requiring/requesting masks, which is really annoying after all the big push to get the vaccine! Oh, well.

    July seemed to go by awfully fast! And it's been pretty hot here, in the 90s many days and the 80s the rest of the time which isn't too bad.

    Enjoy your summer for as long as it lasts!

  3. Your shopping stamina is inspirational!
    I love the tall glass bottles. Tall enough to take a dried branch or two of Honesty (Lunaria).
    The wooden beach ducks are hardy survivors alright. They never fail to make me smile.

  4. I love your new sneakers. What a beautiful color! And how fun that the par ducks are still there and your shells have resurfaced. I think we still need the hope considering Covid's Delta variant.

  5. What a fun outing! I took a quick spin through TJ Maxx this week, and saw some of the same pillows and pouffs. Very cute. Yes, so much Fall/Halloween merchandise. A bit early for me, too.

    The little ghosts are cute, and so is the Jack-o-lantern garland. Kind of dig the pineapple lamps, too :)

    That's nice that someone unearthed the shells. Pretty fun that you saw your own.

    Had fun looking at all of the fun photos, thanks for sharing.


  6. I'm not a fan of shopping but I look forward to seeing what you see when you shop!
    I've wanted to try Allbirds but haven't yet! Have you worn them before? Do you love them?


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