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Friday, July 31, 2020

July ~ Out and About

Hi! I can't believe July is over, how sad. July is my favorite month after November---both times of anticipation and joy. Today on the last day of this sad and unrealized July 2020, we are having a cooler day after last night's thunderstorm. The weatherman says hot and humid will be back tomorrow, with a possible hurricane coming later in the week. "Isaias"---I love that name. But oh my, just what we need, a hurricane.

a close up of a map

L and I did get out, we rescheduled our first tentative peek out into the emerging world on the hottest day of the summer so far.

Our first most important destination was the  gourmet grocery/health food store a few towns over. The store was clean and quiet, the cashiers behind plastic barriers like at a bank. I keep seeing these shields and think of how the Plexiglas manufacturers and  distributors and installers must be really making a fortune from the pandemic. I'm reminded of Mr Robinson, in The Graduate telling Dustin Hoffman that the future lies in, "Plastics, my boy! Plastics!"

This store is so expensive--- a very small jar of organic mayonnaise, maybe one cup volume? was $9.00; a small basket of local strawberries, 9.99. I go there to buy vitamins and supplements, which they stock in palatable liquid form. A small bottle of liquid iron is I think $27.oo; I really must look for it online.

I was also hoping to find whole wheat kernels for my planned project of wheatbags [here] Wheatbags are used either hot or cold for pain and stress tensed muscles. Or even just for extra warmth on cold days. No wheat here! I bought spelt and buckwheat to try.  Here are the instructions to make your own bags, though these are very reasonable priced.  how-to

Their cut  flowers are always beautiful and unusual, if out of my budget. I don't know what this flower is. Anyone?

Freesias in many colors, my fave is the pale blue.  

Astillbe as a cut flower, unheard of!

 Another I forget what these are, mallows? Lovely unusual color.

After that we stopped by Old Navy. I really need a few more t-shirts for everyday, stay at home wear. But we chickened out. The store looked crowded and I saw groups of younger people entering without masks. L was willing to try but I didn't think it worth the risk.

Then we headed to the church flea. I was SO excited, as you know, flea markets are my very most favorite thing.

Oh no---online hours and days are not correct and it was closed. And I am very unlikely to go at the times the flea is now open, so disappointing.

 I was looking for jeans to recycle the denim for the wheat bag project, plus I wanted to look for a couple old books with sewn spines for making recycled "junk journals" , a very intriguing craft I learned about from blog friend Julierose.  HERE

And last I had read about a new ice cream stand on the big town's reopened boardwalk. We are not sure we'd be allowed onto the boardwalk, as it is sometimes residents only and /or one needs a pass even in good years. But I thought we could try. Even L might eat a gelato outdoors? But then I read online that some of their workers, behind the front area, haven't been wearing masks, saying it is their Constitutional right to not wear a mask. Okay, if true--or even if just a rumor---that makes that treat another big fat No. How sad.

Maybe someday.



gone to the beach....

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  1. Sad you missed out on some treats while out, but better safe!

    I don't know what the purple flowers are (other than PRETTY!) but I think the white spike flowers are Veronica. I thought Liatris at first but they bloom top-down. Searched online and got lucky!

    I *LOVE* your painted shell! It came out so pretty! Maybe wait until after the maybe-hurricane to put it on the beach, though!

    Although tomorrow is Saturday, I'm going to be babysitting as daughter is participating in city-wide garage sale, hoping to get rid of some excess. Although it's rained the last few days tomorrow is supposed to be sunny and not TOO hot, hope the weather is right!

    Take care!

  2. I think the lovely mauve flowers are Lisianthus (Prairie Gentians). Pale blue Freesias are a special favourite.
    You're absolutely correct to avoid places where face masks aren't worn. It's mandatory to wear face masks when you leave your property and businesses will not allow entry without one. It really is for the greater good of everyone.
    Sad your flea market visit was in vain.
    Thinking and sending safe thoughts to you and little Mo ahead of the severe weather. Penny

  3. It seems like going out anywhere these days is an adventure! And not always a good one!! Bummer about the flea market.

  4. Well that's a bummer that the thrift/flea wasn't kept up to date, and not open as advertised. Pretty flowers in the market but we generally find them way too pricey. Never heard of astilbe as a cut flower either. I'll try it if ours ever blooms this year and see how it goes. Right now the zinnias are coming on strong so our little bouquets are made up of them. Good luck with the hurricane, we're expecting rainy weather for the next few days too. Hi to Mo!

  5. Too bad about your fave flea market;000
    When you see people without masks and not maintaining any distance, con't you immediately feel that there are a whole lot of un-empathetic people out there...;000
    No way are we venturing anywhere except necessary grocery items...gas etc...
    At the end of our street this afternoon a HUGE party (about 100 cars parked along the roadway) no masks, and just milling around...what are they thinking? Or obviously NOT!!
    We are in deep trouble in this country...
    I hope you were able to sit out with Mo; we sat out around 4 pm--a little breeze came up and it was so lovely...
    Hugs from afar Julierose

  6. Hmmmm, July is my favorite month too (my birthday!), but November my least favorite -- cold, gray, nothing going on. Hurricane seems to be losing strength; we'll be okay.

    1. Happy Birthday! I agree the hurricane will prob fizzle, but the wind has really picked up this evening, blowing hard from the SSW.

      Novenbr is so fun! Begins w Halloween, Autumn finally begins, with some cooler nights; lovely family holiday at Thanksgiving, and all the fun of beginning to plan Christmas. I love November.["grey and rainy"--how about April and May? eew.]

  7. Beautiful flowers but how sad that the church flea market isn't open when you can go. I hope something changes -- their schedule or yours -- so you can go soon.

    I heard Lido Beach mentioned in conjunction with Isaias tonight on the news and think I remember that you're near that beach. I hope you're not affected. I can't figure out why they're giving Isaias the Spanish pronunciation when we live in a predominantly English-speaking country.
    I hope you find a book you'll enjoy altering/using for a junk journal. If you're thinking of adding vintage images or illustrations (and you need a source) be sure to check out https://thegraphicsfairy.com/.

  8. Too bad about the flea market. I am going crazy without any of the second hand stores open around here! Can't even drop off our hand-me-downs and finally clean out the closets! Love all the flowers. Someday I want to have some cutting gardens so I can grow my own flowers for inside.:)

  9. Lol, PLASTICS!!

    The flowers at the fancy store sure are pretty. Very envious that you still have freesias there.

    Boy, you L struck out, huh? That's too bad. Hope you can eventually make it to the flea.



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