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Sunday, January 12, 2020

Pour the Wine We'll Watch the Moon Rise

There's a warm west wind blowing a gale but not a hint of winter in the soft spring air. No doubt an illusion, the cold will return any moment, I'm sure. And yet, according to my online almanac:, today is :"15 minutes, 8 seconds longer than winter solstice (Dec 21, 2019)"

The cottage has been dressed---or undressed---in its winter quietude. I'm partial to white flowers in January, especial spring bulb flowers.

The first tulips of the year..

White hyacinths.

Some softly linear black toile pillows:

I like to leave out the mercury glass ornaments, I love their frosty effect in my best old wooden bowl.

Mo and I went out earlier, thinking to add some pine cones to our winter-y display---I thought last night's storm and 40 mph winds would have blown many cones and pods around for gathering, but no. Maybe the wind blew them all in heap somewhere, against a grey weathered fence? We'll keep looking.

Instead we saw  feral cats Tuxie and Stripey among the mossy fairly rocks,

...their velvet covers bright green with the sudden damp and warm air. [Stripey was so cute and rolled over and over, offering his fluffy apricot belly for a rub. But Mo was jealous so I left Stripey a treat and moved on.]

And we saw Mr Mockingbird, singing his spring song in the barren ugly locust tree.\

Earlier Mo enjoyed the warm afternoon on the deck, but he isn't fooled. He climbed into his warm bed for his after dinner nap.

On a social note: I went to a lovely baby shower yesterday, held in a favorite pub in the village. And, of the 30 or so women, ages 5 to 85 I was the ONLY person not wearing black or dark grey, or a busy print of same/ mixed. All wore black, even the 5 year old! I felt weird in my Talbots ankle pants [taupe, not khaki] here and deep cobalt blue cashmere sweater . Cobalt blue suede pointy toed flats. Silver necklace, my mom's from Arizona, an opal pendant on a silver rope chain. [not a huge piece! ].
My other outfit choice was winter white velveteen jeans and a matching cashmere sweater, with my thrifted necklace of pearls and gold scallop shells. My fave red suede ballet flats with the suede pompom flowers on the toes or black suede scallop edge flats.

 Oh I was glad I didn't wear THAT!

I told L, Next time do not let me go to a party in anything but black! She was chic in a knee length heather grey cashmere sweater dress, elbow sleeves, V-neck, gorgeous black pearls from Tahiti, strung spaced on a thread fine gold chain!

On a Blog note, my email went wacko last week and restored ALL emails since September. I deleted most but still am sorting recent blog comments that I certainly read but may or nor have replied to. I prob will have to start again for the New Year and just answer most recent, please forgive any overlooked notes. You know how I love comments and emails.



gone to the beach...

sorry for the schmutz, a speck of sand on the camera lens, no doubt


  1. Simply stunning white flowers--did you believe how warm it was today--we hit 60 degrees here...
    doesn't feel right, yet we did enjoy the warmth..
    Don't wear black because everyone else did--stay true to your own style!! I love those ankle pants and if I were slimmer I would have worn those, too..I mostly wear jeans--
    Hugs, Julierose

  2. Well personally, I think what you wore sounded lovely.I never wear black. Doesnt go well with my red hair. I just got some ankle pants in red and grey. Love all your flowers! 😊 Kit

  3. The white flowers are so lovely. Funny about the all-black dress.... an East Coast cliché isn't it? I recently said to my husband "remind me that I do NOT need another black shirt" ha ha.

  4. The winter white exudes the quietness of falling snow in January, and we may still see some of that later in the week in our end of the state. Temps dropped today along with the wind speed, thankfully it no longer sounds like a freight train approaching. What's with the somber black at a baby shower of all things? Your outfit sounded quite chic, though I suppose that word is passe now too.

  5. Your tulips are beautiful. I must try and get some white Hyacinths next time. The bulbs I have were miserably small last time. A good reminder to replace them. We have 30C today. Perfect except for the smoke from the fires. The wind has blown it all over the city and suburbs today. So good not to live in a fire prone area.

  6. I'm sure winter will arrive again with full force! Love the tulips and the promise of spring.
    City folk worry way more about appearance and clothing then necessary, but black to celebrate a baby shower? Interesting.

  7. Wasn't that moon a showstopper! Just beautiful.

    The white tulips look perfect in your house. Very fitting with the other decor you have displayed. I have a couple of hyacinths peeking out of the flower bed... I hope they make it.

    Gosh, sure can picture your baby shower outfit given your description. (You're good) Both you and L must have looked very smart. Maybe all of the dark clothing had a little to do with it being winter? Still though, a baby shower would seem to call for SOME color?

    Fun that you got to see the kitties!


  8. Ugh, I avoid all-black outfits, although I have to admit I like gray. Black just shows kitty hair (and my hair!) too easily! But who cares what everyone else wears, wear what YOU like! Besides, it makes it you stand out from everyone else.

    I didn't get to see the moon, I think we were getting snow. But after a couple COLD days it warmed up, and then we had pea-soup FOG for a couple days. This evening the wind changed and was blowing in cold wind again, and the forecast says 'winter mix' on Friday.

    Love the tulips! Although I would have played with them, putting a few in different colored water to color the edges of their petals, lol. The mercury ornaments don't scream Christmas but they do feel wintery. Do you have stores that carry the cinnamon-scented pinecones in early winter? Some of them might have worked in your bowl, unless they're too big.

    I'm kind of surprised the feral kitties would let you get close with Mo - but nice that you gave them a treat!

    Mo is so cute, and he looks like he's be a good snuggle companion when it's chilly. Of course he might steal all the blankets...!

    Take it easy!


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