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Sunday, December 1, 2019

A Splendid Feast

It's December! The Christmas rush is on, but I want to share my Thanksgiving with you all, just a few pics.

It was a special day with friends and family, a get together at my friends' house. Everyone was happy and hungry, we waited all week for this.

My friend collects glass pumpkins too.

 My friends did a lot---most--- of the cooking:

Delicious cheese and snack tray. I brought my cider bread.

And the makings for the cider cocktail I mentioned a few posts ago. It was a big hit,, everyone loved the idea and the drink was crisp and refreshing, if a bit too sweet. [not the best cider, too bad].

the beautiful Bird:

also mashed potatoes with crispy shallot rings; roasted tiny brussels sprouts, roasted butternut squash. I made my stuffing, see previous post. And I always make the gravy--a must for any well-produced Thanksgiving feast, in my opinion. [I make The Best Gravy!]

Everyone contributed , with  wine, cranberry sauce, a fun retro carrot-jello salad, stuffed mushrooms.
And I think everyone made or brought  a dessert except me:

Vegan pumpkin Pie with cocnut milk whipped cream.

Oreo cheesecake, a recipe from my friend's days at The Four Seasons in the city.

No games afterward, we indulged in the fun if etiquette-ly incorrect but fun custom of sharing photos from our phones. The next morning the guys played golf, at the frigid windy oceanfront course.

After the meal my friend set out take out containers [Costco] and she had everyone fill the boxes with their personal choices of leftovers. Such a great idea---the doggy bag custom is alive and well here at the beach, I see.

Clean-up was hard, I do admit. Much as we love the food and family and friends, the clean up is probably why this happens only once a year. I ended up washing all the serving bowls and pots and pans, I can't--couldn't---leave my friends with a huge clean up job in the morning. Took me two days to recover, lol.

Now on to Christmas.

file photo, not mine

Today and tomorrow we're having a nor'easter, a wet coastal storm. It seems like it will just be rain, so far no wind or ice. Mo is horrified and will not go out.

C'mon Mo.

Nooooo. It's rainy and this sweater makes me look fat!


Use the potty pads?

Nooooo, mommy, no! 

You better not wet the bed later, little man!

Happy Holiday Season to you all.



gone to the beach....


  1. I admit it, I'm a wee bit jealous!! Watching cheesy movies with scrabble was the highlight- not the food! We didn't even have a piece of pie. I'm going to have to make it at Christmas.
    Be warm and safe!

  2. Sounds like a wonderful time - and the leftovers are so valuable! It's so much work to put on a big dinner -

  3. Sounds like a lovely time...my daughter and DIL did the cleaning up--so far I've had "black-out Friday", "Greyed-out Saturday" and "beige-out Sunday"..I think enough recuperation hahaha hugs, Julierose

  4. What a lovely celebration. My nephew and his wife hosted this year. Family and Food - can't beat that. Please tell Mo that he looks very distinguished in his red sweater. Almost reminded me of Cary Grant. (smile). Love ya.

  5. Everything looks so yummy. We brought home no leftovers sadly. But I'll make another pumpkin pie in the next day or two. Are you getting the snow tonight?

  6. Looks like you had a delicious Thanksgiving.
    Nice photos, stay warm hope you don't get to much snow & ice.

    1. We got some snow, and very cold wind, I am not mentally prepared for this weather,lol.

  7. Your holiday looked great!! I am glad you had such a good time except for the washing of the dishes...lol I am busy decorating for Christmas. Almost done! Kit

  8. Never heard of glass pumpkins before. I like 'em. Turkey looks good too!

    1. Love glass pumpkins! You can se some of mine here:https://gone2thebeach.blogspot.com/2019/10/october-home.html

  9. Thanks for sharing! Love to see food pics. I remember you posting about that vegan pumpkin pie before. Glad your cocktails were a hit. It rained cats and dogs most of the day here. I made an abbreviated meal for us, and even doing that had me proclaiming "never again!" During a break in the rain, we visited with our neighbors across the street.

    Hope your weather has cleared, and that Mo is willing to do his business outdoors again.


  10. Your dinner is certainly a tribute to a talented collection of cooks. Gravy is a surprisingly underated component. Well done all.
    Doggy bags were very much a part of Christmas and New Year lunches here, especially for elderly relatives and maiden aunts. You brought back some very happy memories.
    You do have some die-hard golfers there - chilly pics. Penny

  11. Wow, I have missed a lot! Everything in the Thanksgiving pictures looked yummy, and I think leftovers are great!

    Poor Mo! I hope he did okay with his potty pads until the weather improved. I think they make doggy litter boxes - would be nice for times of bad weather! But whatever works for Mo!


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