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Tuesday, October 8, 2019

Tuesday Update

Hello, hello on  this dreary too dark/ too early evening. Tonight I am just catching up on a few random things. If you saw this on FB in briefer form, just disregard.

Lime harvest:  

We had the first cool day last week, I think Friday? I cut back my deck garden and hauled away the remnants. I am so sad to see summer end. Next year I have decided---NO garden, or just one pot. I couldn't haul enough water for the flowers to thrive, so no. 

[We'll see how my resolve is next May, when I see all the tempting seeds.]

This is my lime tree final harvest. Got maybe 4 dozen this year! Some are small but they're thin skinned, juicy, and fragrant.

I am saving lime tree seeds for Mel, maybe she'll grow a vicious thorny lime tree too?

accurate color

I'm juggling many little doings and projects, seems like not much gets done, but I'm caught up on Lori's Mystery Little Quilt, Almost Amish.

I hated how it was looking but now it's either growing on me, or I'm getting used to it.

The sixth color is not-yet-used green. These are the choices.

Far right green was my original choice.

We have also cut some maroon and some brown little squares---will they be cornerstones? Is the green a sashing?  A border? Time will tell, new clue tomorrow.

I am excited despite not liking what I've done so far. If only I had the willpower to do as blog friend QB suggests: Wait til all the clues are in and then make the project from a position of knowledge. On the other hand I always mostly love all the mystery quilts we've made [not a fan of my Madder project, though the Indigo and Cheddar second version is delightful, I think].


Yesterday and today I finally got up my nerve, and if not enthusiasm at least resolve, and began cutting up t-shirts for my best friend's daughter's t-shirt quilt.

I hope I can puzzle the pieces into an appealing whole. She has saved tees for many many years.

Doing the cutting makes my back hurt so I have one more day of cutting, then must adhere fusible to all and recut. Then the fitting together begins.

"Spring Formal ~ May 2006", how  cute. I hope she had a wonderful time and  that the quilt brings back good times and memories.


This afternoon, on our walk: abalone skies. Very Autumn-y.


Dinner tonight---I only make this once a year! ---is kielbasa with sauerkraut, mashed turnips, and faux fried apples. The house smells good! Baking bread tomorrow if it's a rain day. And I want to make this cake  here---need a new bundt pan tho. I'll look when we go thrifting later in the month or the recipe shows a link to a beautiful and not too $$$ Nordicware pan, under $30.oo on Amazon. [recipe is labor intensive.].

I hope everyone is enjoying their fall!  Around the Chicago area, we have been having a very beautiful season.  It is starting to get cool, but not cold.  The sunsets are just gorgeous.  And the leaves are beginning to change colors. In fact, I think that autumn is Chicago’s best season!  But it doesn’t lastKeep Reading...



gone to the beach.......

 The goldenrod are finally in bloom.

 The oystercatchers left promptly, October 2nd. Birds in photo are sanderlings, maybe.


  1. Your lime harvest is exciting - a good crop. Do you ever make lime curd?
    I'm looking forward to seeing the Amish sewalong results. Penny

  2. Lovely limes, and your choice of fabrics read very Amish to my eye. Love a good bundt cake, but not labor intensive ones;).

  3. I love that autumn Sky photo--just breathtaking, isn't it? We are having pretty good rain here this morning--dark and gray--(good for my tired eyes tho)
    I love how your Amish piece is coming together--it is so "you"--original and lovely--I didn't join in this time,,for the most part I am not a fan of mystery quilts...too "iffy" for me these days...We have closed down our back deck for the season..just a couple of chairs in case of a warm day--but not likely we'll sit out there as the EEE virus is rampant here...very scarey!! Two deaths in our town...
    Hoping to go out for lunch today --"lobstah" in a hot roll is on their menu yum hugs, Julierose

  4. Rainy day here this morning, too. And I'm with you - I don't like when it gets dark so early, and when the time changes later it will be even worse! I think we should stay on Summer time. Or just pick one and stay with it, stop changing!!

    I think the 'almost Amish' quilt is looking good. For some reason the colors don't seem as bright/saturated as some Amish quilts I've seen, but as the darker background gets added it's helping. I can't picture what the green will be, lol, so I'll have to just wait and see!

    I'm looking forward to trying to grow a lime! Somewhere on my desk is a packet of coffee beans, too, lol. I had a small arabica plant once and it was so pretty, very shiny leaves...but Spook thought it tasted good. I may have to figure out some kind of wall-hanging planter!

    Love the beach pictures. The white sand makes me think of snow! I'm not ready for snow yet - although I had a dream that I woke up to 2" of snow. Glad it was only a dream!

    I've never made a t-shirt quilt, although I saved my daughter's 'smart-ass' t-shirts from her high school years with the idea of making one. You'll have to let me know how it goes!

    Take care and thanks for sharing!

  5. So long sweet summer.... Our fall came in super fast! Usually October is a pretty good month. Temps down to 20 tonight!!
    The lime harvest looks great!! I used to do a lot of pots but too much work to keep them alive, especially if we travel at all.
    Dinner sounds delicious. I've made soup a few times already- yes, it must be autumn.
    I didn't like my Almost Amish either, but it grew on me. I think it is because it isn't my usual quilt style. I hope you like yours!@ It is more fun to sewalong, not wait.

  6. I got a bunt pan at Home Goods that was a lot less than $30! Check them out!

  7. I'm so envious of your lime haul. A few years ago, we were given a meyer lemon tree that was grown from seed. This year was the first time it developed a few buds, but they all dropped off. Hoping for success next year. Hunh...I read Mel's comment. It literally never occurred to me that a coffee plant was a 'thing'. Must investigate.

    I hope you don't skip the deck garden next year. Could a garden hose be rigged up out there?

    Your dinner sounds good. Very suited to your weather.

    I hope you can share the tshirt quilt once it's finished. I bet the recipient will LOVE it.

    Take care,


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