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Saturday, August 24, 2019

Pink, Pinky, Pinkeroo

Hi! Thank you all for your kind concern about my ''heat exhaustion'' episode!  Despite feeling less than 100% I had lots to do this week [out & about post on Monday or Tuesday], so today, despite the ''cooler'' weather, I have stayed home with Mo and skipped the beach. Kinda sad, the beach days are dwindling, aren't they.
Mo and I enjoyed the still-hot and sunny deck for awhile. He had ice cream! I deadheaded my suddenly sad zinnia pots and quilted a few rows on Bitty. Then the wind died down and the flies arrived. OMG, biting little buggers.

"Mommy it bit my nose!"

Inspired by a huge sheaf of gladiolas from the local market I decided we needed just a little pop of pink for the end of August.


Glads always look so amazing and exotic to me---tropical, even, but truly they are local field grown summer flowers, like sunflowers. [I'd love to see the growing fields and farms out east someday.]

Like pink satin cocktail dresses, c. 1940 at the Copacabana! Rumba, tango, cha cha, salsa. Pina coladas and coconut Daiquiris at Trader Vic's. Such glamour. How fun.

This candle is called something odd, like Banana Flowers. Smells delightful and scents the whole house, hard to accomplish in the summer with open doors and fans going.

Deep coral pink nail polish for end of August pedicure.

And this darling gadget, a recent gift from a friend. A small Cuisinart food processor--in PINK! For all the chopped salads and other things I make.

It's evening now, so mellow. Mo the Chub is heading out for a playdate evening. [''me too, me too, can I come!'']. I will have the fun of spraying for bugs nstaed.



gone to the beach.......

Wouldn't this make a wonderful painting, all dark impasto ground and bright densely pigmented flowers in yellow, late added dots of white Queen Anne's Lace!

PS Recently I was reading a blog where the woman took photos of shadows. It was an interesting idea to me, a way to see differently, to see more. So:

 Shadow #1 August ~ Black-eyed susans.


  1. Beautiful gladiolus - such a pretty shade! Definitely cheerful.

    I think I'd like summer a lot better if there were no biting bugs, lol!

    The pink Cuisinart is adorable and will be very handy! A few years ago now I bought myself a smaller Crockpot that's white with purple polka dots, makes me smile every time I use it!

    Scattered thunderstorms this weekend here, so muggy. Hope you have some weather you can enjoy!

  2. Those pink glads are so gorgeous--i can recall my Grand-mere's flower garden when I see those, all old fashioned flowers with those swaying glads...they do look exotic. that pale pale pink and the lush green would be lovely in a quilt don't you think ;))) sorry about those biting insects...not fun. We had to cut back my hydrangea as the bees were getting very agressive when we sat on our deck...;000
    It is sprinkling here right now--very unexpected...but nice and cooling...
    done for the day--hope my re-fold-a-thon
    helps me out finding fabrics--but not so sure...so neat ??? hugs, Julierose

  3. A little splash of pink at the end of summer is terrific!! Kind of like, "wait, summer...you aren't over yet!"LOL

  4. My oh my, aren't those gladiolus just perfect. They almost don't look real, they are so beautiful.

    Our city has sidewalk art where parking meter 'shadows' that morph into other depictions, are etched on the cement. Pretty cool.

    Love your little pink processor. Mel's polka dot Crockpot sounds fun, too.

    Have a good week,


  5. Gorgeous gladiolas. You never get tired of that subtle pink. They look good in your jar.
    You'll enjoy the fun pink processor for wonderful soups and many other delicious treats.
    Plant shadows are always exciting, making you see them with different eyes. Penny


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