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Thursday, May 30, 2019

String Quilts Sewalong ~ Blue Baskets

Hello! Time for our show and tell for Lori's String quilt sewalong. Already! May has been  a mishmash for me, I feel I didn't get much done. Thank heavens I don't have a monthly get it done list, not even in my head, let alone as a blog feature. I did recover my ironing boards--that's been on my to-do list for a few months. Looks cute?

This is a brief post because I am rushing off with Mo to meet the groomer. Mo is exploding fur, his dense winter coat is shedding. The fur bunnies rolling down the hall are as big as he is,lol.

Blue Baskets: I finally realized I do need 25 basket blocks, as was my initial estimate. Four across, four down [16] then three rows of three inside. Oddly my eureka moment came while looking at the cover of this darling treat I bought myself for Mother's Day.

I had the two aquas I made early May and added two more ''normal'' blue blocks, for a total of 25.

I decided to include the aqua blocks [at least for now] because they help elevate the design from being totally farmhouse make do retro, with their bright colors and Lecien flower prints.

The lattice still has me baffled.I do like how all the white ground shirtings come together, I like that effect a lot.

I know what I want to do and I think I know how to achieve that result, but to say it, write it, create it efficiently in bulk--- Nope. So many of the blocks do not need two strips, and are they at the top, bottom or side? I suppose if I had Electric Quilt I'd be all set.

So I plan to just start sewing the diagonal strips, as I did with TQC 1880. If its a disaster, so be it.  No sashing on the edges, of course, HST instead. This is where my brain shuts off. I tell myself, Cut the triangles a bit large and trim; it will work. Stop borders, binding---to be decided next time.

My June project plan is maybe  put the strips sashing together, but that depends on my health and the beach weather.

Must run. It's bath time.

Here is the link for Humble Quilts Stringalong 

be sure to see all the pretty string projects at the end of Lori's post.



gone to the beach...

PS Pouring rain again and cold. This past weekend I did get my bulbs and seeds planted and  few sprouts are showing, so maybe the seeds have not all been washed away. I'm a bit dismayed because somehow I lost this packet of seeds that I so loved.

I found these, State Fair, at the market. They'e cute but not the special heirloom blooms I had in mind.



  1. I like the sashings you're using, it will all come together beautifully I'm sure. Been raining here too, we need some sunshine! A little warm weather wouldn't hurt our feelings either.

  2. We've had some sun the last couple days, yay! And the flooded river has receded some, although it's still out of banks. I hope this system of unending rain doesn't reach as far as you!

    I'm loving the baskets (which is weird for me!). I think maybe it's the string thing, and the colors. Putting it together would turn me into a gibbering wreck but I know you'll figure it out, you're VERY good at that! I'm looking forward to seeing it completed.

    I bet Mo feels much better after his bath (and I'm assuming the groomer brushes him well, too?). My kitties are starting to really shed, sometimes I wish they'd let me use the vacuum attachment brush on them. If it wasn't for the sound they might actually like it, lol!

    There are heirloom seed sites where you might be able to find your zinnia seeds. Want me to look and send you some links?

    Hope nicer days are coming soon! Take care!

  3. I adore your string baskets! The cheddar handles are a perfect choice. That looks like a fun book too.

  4. Love love love the aqua blocks setting the lovely strip baskets off so well..I like the "retro" look too--but find it harder and harder to replicate with today's fabric choices...often what I think will work, doesn't in actual fact!! S I G H ....
    I want to try some zinnias this year...usually marigolds border my front garden as the deer give them a pretty wide berth--but it's been so freakin' COLD here that I haven't done any seeding--usually May 31st is my garden start date--but have pushed it ahead this year...

    Mo has become a "fur baby" for sure--nothing like a nice cooling Spring clip...that'll put a bounce in his step..;)))

  5. We've got a lot of fun bunnies floating around here too. Took Gracie to the groomer for a bath hoping that some of that hair would float away. Hmmmm ... maybe it worked.

    Your baskets are very pretty.

  6. The strips of retro florals in the baskets anchor the cheddar handles perfectly. I really enjoy the subtle inclusion of the lighter turquoise tones too. They work so well with the mix of shirtings. Penny

  7. I LOVE those sweet baskets!!


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