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Saturday, December 30, 2017

"Life, Love, and What We Wore"

Well, no life or love news, and mostly what Mo wore. He is such a cutie and he seems to be very happy to be dressed in his warm clothes on these frigid days.

I'm getting better at dressing him too. Instead of trying to bend over at the door, encouraging frantic circles and play nips, I have Mo come up on the sofa. The lure is a ''cranberry flower'' which is a special crunchy treat he loves.[I think I mentioned these before]. The phrase is odd enough that he definitely knows what I am offering him and he comes and sits and lets me sit by him to dress him.
HINT: Always thread through the halter D-rings before you close the coat or sweater.

So here he is: Mo the Pug!

These are Mo's Christmas Eve pyjamas! So soft!

Sleeping naked, on the big bed.

A day of snow flurries:

Fleece lined pompom sweater, with robins! OMG! He likes this one a lot.

High winds and sub zero windchill, have to wear a hat!

This is Mo's other new coat, also a great find. It's a thick flannel plaid lined with dense super soft plushy faux fur. Easy on/ off design too. He has waterproof coats/ parkas, but the two new coats are for dry but windy very cold days. He bounces around outside so happily, he seems to really enjoy the extreme cold. I do put Mushers Wax on his little feet too, every morning while he is napping. Mo HATES having his paws touched, lol. And beeswax/ coconut oil salve on his nose.

 Doesn't this look like the warmest sunniest day? Bright sun, but oh so cold, around 10, wind chill was -6 I think.

Mel jinxed me by saying if it;'s so cold she'd like a little snow. Mother Nature is bringing it Saturday, tomorrow night. Ugh.

What did I wear!? A last minute run to Target yielded a couple of their cute soft cardigans. Usually $20.oo, on sale for 12.oo This one is pale dusty pink, not lavender. I love the hand stitched rhinestones, even though I later realized it isn't washable or dry cleanable [hand wash only] and promptly spilled lasagna sauce on the front.

I wore it Christmas Eve, over a plain white tee shirt, grey would be better but I didn't have a grey tee and black looked like an old babushka granny, khaki Talbot ankle pants, and the clashing note of my red Christmas Crocs.

I also got the black version. It has tiny sequin-ish things scattered across the front. I kept brushing myself off thinking they were crumbs. Black V-neck tee, a different pair of Talbot ankle pants, and my red suede ballet flats with the suede flowers on the toes. I wore that outfit to my friends' Christmas Day dinner. I think this black sweater is plain enough to wear on a more daily basis, like for shopping or out for dinner; the pink guy might be a one time wear. But I love it!

And a last adorable item to share, from my FB friend Pork Chop and his lovely mom Debra Ann: this oh so perfect and cute, almost life sized!, felted wool  Pug purse. All handmade, beautifully done. It could be a great inspiration for a pug on a wool applique quilt or mug rug! I love it. Thank you Porky and Debra Ann!

Mel wanted to see the bristle pug my kids gave me...

I'm looking forward to the new year and a long quietly productive winter. How about you, what's first on your list? No resolutions, please, I hate them! Tell me something fun instead?



gone to the beach...

PS With the weather so cold I want again mention a wonderful pet product. Called a Snuggle Safe kennel heater. These go in the microwave, NO dangerous cords, and stay warm for 18-24 hours, so if your dogs live outdoors in sheltered kennels or if your outdoor kitties have a shelter outdoors, or you care for feral kitties, you can add this warm comfort for them during the coldest months for under 25.oo. I have two and use one to warm my bed on very cold nights. I also heat both at all times in case of power failures during storms. The link is from Chewy.com, a wonderful resource for pet supplies. They have other kennel heating options too, under ''heated beds''. Free next day shipping.

 please care for your pets during these very cold times. I believe Amazon sells the Snuggle Safe too. *****[be careful to put the disk in its cover and then wrap in a fleece or an old towel; they are quite hot at first.]*****

And please consider putting out seed for the wild birds and fresh unfrozen water.
 They are vulnerable when the weather is very harsh.

Snuggle Safe

PSS Life , Love, and What We Wore was a book my mother loved. A memoir, with watercolored line drawings of the writer's outfits, like "What I Wore to Woodstock" and "What I was Wearing When I met Husband Number One", or ''Museum Gala, 1975, Winter." Hmmmm. My life: ''what I wore to go to the grocery store''/ ''what I wore to drive the kids to practice''/ ''what I wore to the beach last Sunday''. Hahahaha.


  1. Keep warm. The weather looks a bit snowy on the news. We’re off to the city for the New Year fireworks and staying overnight. About 19C at midnight expected but if the crowds get to much I’ll watch from our room. All the best for 2018.

  2. I gotta say, that last tartan jacket makes Mo look very classy as does the blue sweater, but those reindeer antlers are the best and I just love the looks he is giving in the robin sweater with the pom pom hat. :) That black cardigan for you can certainly be worn as an every day item. Warm wishes, Tammy

  3. I think I like Mo's new plaid coat best, too, although he's cute in everything! Your new cardigans are pretty (I have an idea for the pink one, tell you later) and I would certainly wear them whenever you wanted! Wear and enjoy them!

    The little felted purse is so CUTE! Probably not something you'd carry every day, but you should use it occasionally even if it's just for a trip to the grocery store - give the checker something to smile about!

    The bristle pug is adorable, too, and bigger than I imagined.

    Yes, my version of "What I Wore" wouldn't be very entertaining either. My most exciting clothing purchase was some LuLaRoe shirts, which are SO comfy that now I don't want to wear anything else, LOL.

    As for winter plans...I want to finish some crochet projects, then do some uncluttering/organizing so I can sew. I have fabric and patterns for a few clothing items, and I'd also like to get started on my super-simple quilt!

    Happy New Year!

  4. We are getting simular weather in NH and I feel for the dog walkers (and dogs!) among us. I really enjoy your blog - happy new year!

  5. What a warddrobe Mo. The robins and tartan numbers are just the thing for keeping a pug snug.
    Top of my immediate list is a warm shower (don't laugh). We've been without power for 3 days so we live in hope of a return this New Year's eve.
    Creative New Year greetings to you and Mo.

  6. Oh gosh, lol. I especially like Mo's Christmas Eve jammies, and the pompom outfit, the blue hat, oh who am I kidding, they're ALL adorable.

    I like your sweaters too ;) I agree with Mel, wear the pink whenever you want. No rules.

    I think those kennel warmers are such a wonderful invention. I'm so glad you brought them to our attention. Knowledge that will come in handy one day, no doubt.

    Thanks for the fashion show!


  7. Mo is such a wonderful and lovable fashion model. Especially love the pom pom hats! Your sweater with the beading is so pretty. Thanks for sharing! Love to you and baby Mo.


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