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Monday, May 15, 2017

Fall Festival Update

Hi everyone! Today is the month 5 update for our Humble Quilts sewalong. LOL, the quilt is supposed to be finished, but as you know I am a snail. A tortoise not a grasshopper, or hare. Deliberately so, since I quilt for relaxation and fun, not for speed or quantity. Anyway today I'm showing off the block I designed to sub for the House block. I love house blocks but I'm a bit tired of this same Jan Patek saltbox with the tree, the doggy and optional cat.

pattern photo

I decided I wanted a basket of Fall flowers instead.

This Basket was based on a pattern I have, by Cheri Payne, from her Common Threads series. Hers is much smaller and simpler, but I used hers for inspiration.

I stuck to my color board:

The Sunflower is from When the Wild Geese Fly quilt. I do love this flower and someday I'm going to figure out how to-make it with raggedy edges. And maybe many Sunflowers in a row?

I added various other things, acorns and and oak leaf; a small pumpkin, and the date.

My block may be too busy! If so I can always make the ho hum House, right?

OT I had such a fun Mother's Day! BBQ was rained out but had a delicious dinner at my friends' house, with friends and family. We had this exceptional wine! And I was gifted with more tulips too. Lovely day.

Mo has spring fever. This is known a The Pug Stop/ Drop/ and Roll.

hope your week is good and warmer than mine, with a 30 mph wind still blowing. If you haven't done so leave a comment on my doll quilt post, a few back, to have a chance to win a tiny Wild Geese quilt.
Link to other Fall Festival quilt projects : Humble Quilts



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  1. Oh I really like your basket of fall flowers!! Not too busy at all - brilliant.

  2. I love your center block and looked forward to your house substitution! My quilt is not done, but hopefully it will be soon. You are not far behind!

  3. Jan Patek does repeat block designs from pattern to pattern. Luckily, I like the saltbox house designs she does. A big one though for this quilt.

  4. Forgot to tell you how much I like the block you have substituted for the house.

  5. I like your flowers better than the saltbox. I don't think it's too busy! I love the acorns, too.

    Nice weather here for Mother's Day, but now we have a lot of rain coming in. Rain in the forecast for most of the week!

    I *love* the name of the wine, even though I'm not much of a drinker - messes with my meds. It sounds so pretty!

    The grass Mo is rolling in sure does look thick and lush! No lawns like that here, they lean to fescue and it's coarse and clumpy. Oh, well, it lives through the hot dry summers though.

    Thanks for sharing!

  6. Love your basket of fall flowers!! I have only made two Jan Patek salt box houses so am sticking with it for Fall Festival but appreciate so much how you and everyone else are showing me how to make original quilt designs my own!! Looking forward to seeing your basket placed with all the other blocks in this quilt!!


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