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Thursday, April 20, 2017

Greening My [Blue] World ~ Earth Day

"Greenery" ~ Pantone's Color of the year for 2017.HERE  Recently I was asked to decorate  an imaginary room featuring Pantone's Color of the year Greenery, in honor of Earth Day.

Color of the Year 2017 - Greenery PANTONE 15-0343

This was a fun challenge from Douglas Elliman Real Estate ~ Florida and Pantone. Use the color of the year to decorate a fantasy beach home! I was inspired by our conversations about Hawaiian quilts. My dream is to own a Pineapple quilt, or make one, someday. My space would need to be tweaked into coordination, would it not?

Fantasy open plan beach room--living/ dining/ working/ relaxing area. As always, the walls are white, the floor white stained / bleached hardwood. Billowy white sheer curtains, white linen slipcovered sofas.

Could be a loft, an open plan gutted beach cottage, a brand new condo. A traditional home, even.  Our canvas is chalk white walls, white floors, white linen sofas. Chippy white cupboards.  

 My design palette has its focus of a bright yet softly soothing, cool "Greenery" green. I love the floral carpet on the right. It would anchor my green and white room.

Natural accents:

Lots of dense turquoise and cobalt.

Nautical finds and beachcomberdshells, below. The stripey rug would be used at least twice, under the dining table and by the front entrance. The cutie Crab rug would be under my computer desk, by my big windows with my treasured ocean view. The very traditional turquoise and lime toile would be table runners or napkins, not stuffy old-style draperies!

  Splashes of lemon yellow...

 and maybe an alternate accent of Mango coral. All the wonderful tropical fabrics would be throw pillows, easy to button on and off, for change of mood.

Lovely beachy candles from Bath and Body Works, graphic coastal artwork. I'd fill those turquoise pots with big indoor palms and ferns!

I love it! Now if only I could win the Lottery!

It's Earth Day this weekend. My town has a festival. This year we are getting free shopping bags since plastic bags will no longer be allowed. [OMG, whatever will Mo and I use?] It's barely 50* today, but in the city it's a balmy 70. Lovely. If I get off my blue and white island, I do see signs of spring, the oak trees along the parkways have the faintest lime green haze. By June "greenery" will have arrived, if only in my imagination. Do you like Greenery? Would you use it in your home?

Most photos from web, Pinterest. Fabrics from Fabric.com. Rugs from rugsusa.com.
 [btw I was in no way paid to do this post, i was a ''just for fun challenge]



gone to the beach....



  1. I love a little natural green, but actually enjoy outdoors more than indoors.

  2. This is such a fun post!! I love the coloss, and all of your choices. The natural accents, and the oars, and especially Mo with his beautiful green bow. May we ask who invited you to participate?

    That's so cool that your town has an Earth Day Festival. Our city banned plastic grocery bags a few years ago...I STILL forget to take my own bags from the car when I go shopping. Maybe you'll share the festivities with us?

    Gonna be hot here this weekend. Got my little table fan out and ready to go!


    1. Hi Kel, I m glad you enjoyed the home decor post! It was so fin to do but now I m wishing I culd redo my house with some of the fun ideas.

      The challenge was from Douglas Elliman Real Estate/ Florida and Pantone the color people. The links are in the post.

      We didn t make it to the Earth Day festival, it was dark and cold and pouring rain. Too bad.

      Hope your day was good!

  3. We had a partly cloudy day, cool but nice. Good day to have a get-together with family!

    I love just about everything from your fantasy room, except for the 'chippy white cabinets' - I don't like the shabby-chic look, I'd rather have them white stained or just painted white! And I might put a pale color on the walls - a pale shade of the Greenery, or maybe a pale soft blue. I like everything else! You're good at pulling things together, maybe I should get you to come pick out stuff for my living room!!

    I have some nice shopping bags called e-bags, they are GREAT! Our stores still use plastic but I try to remember my bags most of the time. What's really nice is that they will fold flat, yet they stand up nicely on their own so store checkers find them easy to use and usually say something nice about them. Having been a checker for a while I can vouch that the soft fabric bags, while nice, are a pain to fill. My bags (I have gray with leaves, and the dark blue): https://smile.amazon.com/Collapsible-Shopping-Planet-Eco-Stream-Charcoal/dp/B00H22NF1U/ref=sr_1_10?s=kitchen&ie=UTF8&qid=1492912070&sr=1-10&keywords=grocery+bags

    1. Thanks! I m glad you enjoyed m y fantasy house. Yes the cabinets etc don t have to be ''chippy'', actually the piece I showed is not, just white with a natural top.

  4. Skip the bit of mango/coraland I could move right in.

  5. The pineapple quilt is gorgeous.


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