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Friday, March 31, 2017

Spring Flower Show

Hi! Happy last days of March! I can't let March fade away without sharing the annual March flower show. It's always lovely, like a suddenly May day. click to enlarge photos, to see details...

Come walk with me? The big greenhouses are filled with trees, shrubs, spring flowers and ideas!


This large garden center is on the north shore of Long Island, an area of rolling hills and trees. This year the show featured delightful woodland scenes, with lots of ferns and moss and tiny creatures.

A fairy house! If I had a wooded yard I would have to have a tiny dwelling under a big old tree. So magical and wonderful. I can just see me and my dad creating this in his Cape Cod woodlot.

Even a Hobbit House this year.

It was about 3 feet high, with round door and rounded windows that we could peek into and see the little pantry and kitchen, with candles, a tiny rocking chair and an itty bitty pie cooling on the window sill.

I loved the tiny resident Hobbit couple.

Nearby was a lovely pond, with koi and butterflies [faux] , and [caged but real] birds.

The featured flower this year was Lenten Roses, or Hellebore. Lovely in a subtle woodland sort of way.

 Remember I mentioned early blooming Andromeda? This is a beautiful specimen.

Some tropical gardens, still popular despite being difficult to achieve.

A waterfall. And weird hanging jelly fish?

Hydrangeas and hardy colorful flowers for us beach dwellers.

Ideas for deck planters.

Then : Easter~

I wanted the mercury glass Easter eggs , of course. But got an elephant ear bulb and canna bulbs instead.

Pansies! So sweet and hopeful. And salt air hardy.

Bedding bulb plants for those of us who forgot to plant last Fall.

This was one of my favorite things! Sweet and tiny and perfect. Lily of the valley are another fave of mine.

Today we have torrential rains, in expectation of April's showers. Mo likes his new raincoat. [For those who think doggy raincoats are stupid--they're not for the doggy, they're so that a wet smelly pooch doesn't destroy one's white sofas. I lay out a towel for Mo, he jumps up on it for me to dry his feet. Perfect!] Now the wind has picked up to 47 mph. I think we may skip Mo's sunset walk.

And something for the weekend. I plan to make a roast. And maybe try this new recipe? Never had cooked radishes, have you? RECIPE



gone to the beach....


  1. I've got radishes growing in the garden just now but never cooked or had them 'hot'
    I love their hot peppery taste.

    1. I love radishes too, the crispy peppery crunch! But I m willing to give roasting them a try.

  2. Oh how delightful! You are so lucky to be able to go to a show like this. Thanks for all the pics. Everything is so pretty. :) I hope the rain has stopped. Kit

    1. Omigosh, did it ever rain! Glad it wasn't snow. I'm happy you enjoyed the Flower Show. If onloy I had a garden instaed of---sand.

  3. Thanks for the great pictures, always look forward to them,I feel spring is in the air on this cloudy day! Happy April fools day to you & Mo!

    1. Happy April Fools Day! I m glad you enjoyed this year's Flower Show. I look forward to it every winter.

  4. Thank you for the visit to the Spring show. I always look forward to your flower pics.

    I don't think furry baby raincoats are silly. I used to have labs and I would have loved a raincoat for them if I could have found one big enough. I also would have put booties on them. Labs have never met a puddle, mud or otherwise, that they don't love. At least that's how my three felt. I almost had to give them a bath every rainy day.

    I hope you have a great weekend. I just splurged and turned on the air conditioner. lol

    Aloha and hugs.

  5. Happy April! I can't believe it's here already.

    Love all the flower pictures. I wonder if the Andromeda bush grows in KS, I don't think I've ever seen one. Pansies are actually pretty tough, so why is being called a pansy mean you're a 'wimp'! Never understood that, LOL!

    Mo looks happy in his raincoat - and I completely understand not wanting wet dog on the sofa!

    I've had cooked diakon radish (long white radish). It's somewhat common in Japanese stews and soups and it's an interesting (in a good way) flavor. Not too long ago I put some regular red radishes, sliced, in some soup I was making just for something different and it was pretty good. Let me know if you try it!

    It's rainy and chilly today (40s and 50s) again. I'm glad we got rain, but not so happy it seems to be coming all at one time! Oh well.

    Have a good night!

  6. Ahhh...flowers and Easter! It's a beautiful thing! I've never tried roasted radishes either...always had them in the cold salad category of veggies.

  7. Wonderful flower show!! I've never had cooked radishes--I'm looking forward to hearing how you like them!

  8. Gosh, the colors are so vibrant, and so beautiful. Love your flower show posts. Can you imagine the amount of work it takes to set up these displays? Really, just amazing! Awww, and the lily of the valley. So cute in that little pitcher.

    Only radishes raw, in salad, or by themselves for a snack. Have you ever done them with butter on them? I have not, but it seems interesting.

    Hope you made it through the wind and rain with no damage. We had high winds last week and a couple of days later I saw that our butterfly bush had blown over :(

    Have a good week!


  9. Hi Kel! Too bad about your butterfly bush, I hope you can replant it. We were okay, no damage, just flooded roads, flickering lights.

    The flowers show place has a big sale as they dismantle the show! We never seem to get back for it, I guess customers do most of the taking down. But yes, a huge job to set it up, I imagine.

    My mom liked radishes with butter [and thin dense black pumpernickel tiny bread slices. Tho she liked the buter with white radishes not red. It was a spring treat in her home growing up. She especially liked it if she made a pot of fresh butter herself. I never cared much about the butter added, not a fan of ''sweet'' [unsalted] butter. Not awful, just prefer my radishes plain and crunchy.

    have a great week!

  10. What a lovely way to usher out March! The Hobbit house is really cute.

  11. Mo's tail with the raincoat is a stitch! Your prim pineapples are turning out great. I love pineapple designs - yes, a true old fashioned and enduring sign of hospitality. The hobbit garden is sweet. I have just started collecting miniature gnomes. Will show on my blog soon. Oh, btw, is that freezer paper on the backside of the pineapples? Also, is that a mini iron? I have contemplated a purchase of one.


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