I wiped away the weeds & foam. / I fetched my sea-born treasures home... Ralph Waldo Emerson

Friday, March 24, 2017


Hello on this blustery March day! It's a bit warmer but the cold gusts are still blowing through the cracks in my old window frames.  

The other day I went down to the beach to see if my Oystercatcher birds had arrived on schedule. They return every year on St. Patrick's Day. And there they were, prompt as ever despite the cold and the blizzard that wasn't earlier in last week.

The boardwalk has been partially re-installed, so I was able to hike down to the beach.

It doesn't look any lower, though, too bad.

It's such a thrill for me, every March, to climb over the dune and there they are! These funny brave birds, who make this their nesting ground and summer home.

They are tired and shy when they arrive. No close up pictures allowed.

This pair was in its spot to the west, the female broody and the male trying to distract me, even though I stayed far away. Note the awful and dangerous large truck tracks! So distressing.

Oystercatchers may live as long as 15 to 20 years, so these are apparently my usual little friends. By midsummer, if I am able to visit them they'll allow me to come closer [but not too close!].
They like the big expanse of open beach for their nests; they can see predators from far away.

I counted about 15 Oystercatchers, most far far away, and perhaps a few were small gulls? But a good count anyway. I am very pleased.
Here is perhaps? Gully!

There were lots of footprints/ bird tracks along the edges of the dunes. I thought they were crow tracks. We have many crows every spring. I believe they are fish crows who nest in the marsh.

 But this looks like an oystercatcher try-out nest! So I'll have to keep watching.

I also spied rabbit tracks and other small tracks, maybe possums or dune rats? There was a hawk hovering too, he thought those tracks meant ''dinner'', I suppose.

On the way home I noticed the neighbors' andromeda bush is blooming. It's the first shrub to bloom and is very hardy at the ocean edge.

Indoor note: a friend gave me this very beautiful frame last summer. I couldn't do much with it at the time, but in a burst of spring home doings, I added small watercolors , from my beach journal books.

I like it, though my kids weren't impressed, hahaha.

I hope you have a good weekend and can get out in the fresh air, despite the cold! Look for signs of spring? This is from my brother---spring wildflowers near his desert home. Isn't it lovely! Someday....



gone to the beach...


  1. Nice the yearly birds are back! I know you've probably said before, but why the big truck tracks?
    Our weather shouts spring! Rain, hail snow, wind and sun....usually all in the same day! LOL Love the flowers near your brothers- looks like penstemon.

    1. The big trucks groom and resurface the beach; others are building faux dunes.

  2. Looks like a wonderful place to walk and refresh the soul

  3. It's lovely to know that some things are constant in this crazy world. Seeing the birds return each year is a comfort. Always gorgeous shots of the beach.

  4. I'm so jealous of your beach! But I'm happy to see you were able to go that far. It's fun to see things through your eyes. I hope the trucks are all finished messing around and the birds are safe to nest?

    LOL, kids are NEVER impressed with their parents - not until they're around 30, anyway. I think your watercolors look very nice in the frame!

    We finally got some rain, and today the temp is down in the 40s! I may have to turn the heat back on! Typical Kansas spring...

  5. I love your framed art. So perfect for the frame.

    And the birds are back!

    I hope you're having a great weekend.


  6. Lol, "the blizzard that wasn't"!

    Yay oystercatchers! I wonder if, to them, life seems hard. They have to go through so much in the course of a year. Anywho, glad to see they've returned.

    Kids, what do they know :) I think it's unique and very nice.

    Friends of my husband's have been posting photos of wildflowers on Facebook. It's such a treat to see them. That's a beautiful pic from your brother. Love those colors.


    1. Probably the oystercatchers do not have philosophical thoughts or musings. They seem ruled by instinct. :-)

  7. Well, I happen to like your water colors. Looks wonderful! What a great token of spring, your oyster catchers returning. Like me and my Ospreys. I still haven't seen one robin, but I have heard them. We are just starting to warm up over here. :) Kit

    1. I watch the ospreys too! I saw one today on the marsh causeway's lightpole, sitting on its its big messy nest there. Do the ospreys nest near your home?


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