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Monday, February 27, 2017

Spring Daffodils and Summer Shoes

Hi! Where should I begin!? Flowers, always best to start with flowers. The color of the week is sunshine yellow, so happy and springlike! The forsythia have burst into brilliant bloom.

The market had a dozen daffodils for a dollar. Tightly furled. From Ireland, imagine that! I'd love to visit Ireland in the spring and see their fields of daffs and snowdrops.

 I took two bunches.

I put them in my ''daffodil pot''.

This is an antique Rookwood vase, a family piece. The story is that an ancestor who lived in Cincinnati was annually gifted, from his employer, with a Rookwood vase, c. 1920-30. Some have survived and have passed down to me. My mom always used this pink vase for daffodils. We love[d] it for its soft pink to spring green matte glaze, like a perfect Easter Egg.
You can read about Rookwood pottery here though Wikipedia doesn't really give it the history it deserves.

I added a Peach Bellini scented candle here. On Sale!, so delightful! And another in white tea scent in the living room. Yankee Candle

The market also had pussy willows.

Pink pussy willows! Had to have a bunch for $3.99. They should last quite awhile, I hope.

The question is, do I let them bloom or remove them from their water as soon as all the catkins are showing? I love the funny, pollen-y full bloom heads but then they have to be discarded.

My excuse to purchase was that I must encourage the market to provide unusual flowers and branches for us.

Some of you wanted to see my shoes I got during last week's shopping spree. I'm not a good shoe photographer, I apologize!

I love plain low-cut white sneakers with jeans or khaki shorts. A simple clean and classic look, different from the busy and colorful high tech running shoes that everyone loves. I wore Polo/ Ralph Lauren sneakers for years but wasn't able to find them in recent years, so I was happy to find these.

I especially love the textured, perforated pair.

My friend L chose these very cute ''nude'' flats for us both. Light and comfy!

 Love the bow! She got the black too..wish they'd had red or bright pink....

Spring is definitely in the air, sort of a hoax or fooling us, I bet! Like Indian summer.

We had some sunny crisp days, then a very warm day with dense fog,

Finished up that day with thunderstorms and heavy rain. Today was just wintery/ mild/ blustery. Mo made me sit out on the deck anyway. He is such a sun-bunny.

BTW Mo has a new and somewhat baffling ''trick''. He now refuses to use his indoor potty pads no matter how bad the weather may be. But I praise him if he does use them and he must know they mean something good that pleases Mommy. So now he has taken to bringing one of my black scrunchies and setting it out on the pad. [He gets them off my desk I think.]  From a distance I think he has used the poo pad and start to praise...then I investigate. LOL. LOL. Poor Mo--misguided. But kind of smart?

scrunchie gift

Yes I know scrunchies are uncool, like white sneakers! But my hair is absolutely straight and smooth and regular ponytail elastics just slide right off. Hence my trademark black scrunchies.
That's all for now! Have a great week.



gone to the beach....


  1. I'll have to come back and comment more tomorrow. I'm going to go reassure husband that he doesn't need to have me committed yet. I -never- laugh Sunday evening before Monday. And the poo scrunchie got me.

    See you tomorrow.

    Hugs to you and the little "non-stinker".


  2. That cracks me up about Mo! He is so smart!!
    Love your shoes and your signs of spring!! It is cold and clear here....brrrr Still wearing my hat and gloves every day.

  3. Lol, I'll start with commenting on Mo's new 'trick'. It'll probably take longer than you think to TRAIN YOURSELF to recognize that it's just a scrunchie!

    Haven't seen any daffodils here yet. We went to Ireland ten years ago. It wasn't spring time, but flower boxes and planters were everywhere, and overflowing with all sorts of colorful blooms. The most interesting thing, to me, were the number of fuchsia plants just growing randomly in fields.

    What wonderful pink pussy willows. I was ready to ask what 'flavor' candles you were burning, and you already answered my question!

    Shoes are very cute, all of them. Can't beat a pair of plain, classic white sneaks.

    Rainy and chilly here the last few days. We intended to take a walk on the Seal Beach Pier yesterday. We got only maybe a third of the way when the wind and cold changed our minds :)

    Take care, hope you're doing well,


    1. Hahaha. I guess it ll be worse if he fools me the other way 'round!

      Your Ireland trip sounds lovely.

      Good new candle scents everywhere! So hard to choose.

      Sorry your walk was so cold!Unusual for your area, but you do need rain? Still?



    2. Yes, rain is still a good thing!

  4. Mo is so funny! And smart to pick something that looks like poo from a distance.

    I don't think scrunchies are uncool, they don't pull hair as much as the others!

    The sneakers are sweet, I especially like the vented ones - should be comfy for summer. The flats are pretty, too, but that pointed toe would not fit my fat foot!

    The foggy beach looks a little spooky.... It's warming up again here, too, but I'm still cold! My body thermostat must be broken.

    Have a great week!

  5. Thank you for the lovely daffodil pics.

    The scrunchie poo just tickles me. Still. It may always make me laugh.

    I used to bring in flowering quince to force into blooming. It's always so much fun to take what look like dead sticks and watch the color magically appear.

    Thanks again for sharing.

    I hope you're having a wonderful week.



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