I wiped away the weeds & foam. / I fetched my sea-born treasures home... Ralph Waldo Emerson

Saturday, January 21, 2017


Hello! Have you put away the Christmas stuff yet? By the second or third week in January I am always so happy to have my house return to its natural blue and white condition.

inspiration outside my windows
I love the holidays--- the glitter, the red and green, all the abundance of that special season. But now the red and white quilts and linens are laundered, ironed, carefully tucked away. Gifts are used or stowed---forgotten? The Tree is gone. Blue---serene, quiet, calm blue--- is back.

This year I am especially happy to see how beautiful  my new ''distressed'' blue rug looks in my living room in its normal state. The room looks light and beachy but not summery, perfect for winter. (Not sure how this will work in July though.)


I've never had a colorful rug there, only white, ivory, sand.

I like to keep a few winter-y things, some pine and pine cones; berries in a jug, cinnamon sticks.


I put out a few blue and white  quilts, 

a blue quilt fragment pillow on the Swedish pine bride's bench.

I found this luscious throw at Pier One after Christmas. It's hand knit chenille with faux fur. So soft and snuggly.

I keep out my mercury glass jars all winter.

And the mercury glass spheres are the last ornaments to be  put away.

For a few days I just had  seashells here...

 then I remembered my collection of Victorian carpet bowls [balls. A game like indoor bocce.] and filled my favorite wooden bowl.

 These are like giant marbles, solid pottery.

If Mo knocks them down they'll survive. I hope.

This year I discovery I have enough black and white  Staffordshire transferware to almost fill my plate rack.

I can't find my favorite black / polychrome  plate with the sailing ship. So sad. But I also enjoy the touches of classic blue. In late spring I'll change out the black to  entirely blue china.

I love these doll dishes pitchers, below 19th century Blue Willow; second below Mid 20th century? Japan.

A very old cup, c. 1810; repro bowl behind it.

Little odds and ends/ gatherings, something I enjoy.

The grocery store has cut tulips and little pots of bulbs already. I'm always tempted and never seem to be able to stick to a white palette as planned.

Here is Mo in my blue cashmere headband. [from Mel, she is so talented!] Cozy. Color coordinating is sooo important when one owns a pug,lol. This shade of blue was traditionally used for pug collars and bows in the 1800s, often with bells. Mo would hate bells!

Have a good weekend! We may get a nor'easter [storm]! Rain and wind, no snow. Maybe. Exciting.



gone to the beach...

PS We had weird weather all day yesterday. This bank of black clouds circled the horizon all day. Never moved, never rained. See the map below.  I'm the red dot in the tiny blue skies spot.


PS Here is a link to a winter redo , white sofas with Home Goods tartan plaid finds from Home Goods. My original idea for this winter! I even have a Tartan Pinterest board. Maybe next year? here


  1. That blue patchwork table runner reminds me a little of the boro work we talked about on facebook. Love your chenille throw! I love seeing your decor- you have a great knack of decorating!!

    1. Thanks! Yes the table runner was made w/ vintage & antique Japanese indigo fabrics, many were ikat, plus solids [and a seashell toile]. A try out for a full quilt I made. It has the boro look but I d love to try the big stitching like kantha and boro. Too bad the collection of fabrics is currently missing.

  2. Everything looks wonderful! Perfect for the seaside. And I love all the blues and white. I go for the blues and browns in January. So soothing and feels so cozy. I think your rug goes great for every season. I love the distressed look. Less worries too with Mo. I have some of those carpet balls too. So cool! :) Kit

    1. Thanks! I d love to see your carpet balls too, I love them. The antique ones are such a fun find tho I enjoy the new ones too.

  3. Something just dawned on me after all these years.

    You love your home more than anyone I've ever known.

    I used to think you loved to decorate. Obviously, that's true. However it feels as though you decorate because you love where you are.

    That makes me feel so happy...so please don'tell me if it's not true. Lol

    It's warm today and the wind is howling with gusts to 40. Such a fine day.

    Aloha and hugs.


    1. Hi We re supposed to get big winds too. 40 mph sustained w/ 60 mph gusts.

      I do love my home and where I live, tho I ve awlways yearned for a bigger possibly antique house. But you re right---I also love to decorate, I used to always try to talk my mom into letting me redecorate her very traditional Colonial style house in Cape Cod. [but no.] And I also love collecting and using, displaying, my finds.

  4. The house looks very fresh and cozy. Love seeing your mercury glass. I think you'll find that the rug will work well in summer too. Ohhhh,I like the tartan plaid on the white sofa! Look forward to seeing it next year in your house.

    Literally rained for hours and hours today. We stayed in our jammies all day watching movies. Had mimosas and chocolate croissants for breakfast.

    I'll be keeping an eye on your weather.

    That pin keep is soooo cute!


    1. Mimosas and movies in your jammies! Sounds like a perfect day---and you do desperately need the rain.

  5. ENCHANTING COTTAGE BY THE SEA! That is what comes to mind when I see all these serene and beauty filled photos of your home and surroundings. Thank you, dear friend, for sharing and providing a balm for our souls.

  6. I just remembered I never got back to this to comment!
    That first beach picture is so pretty it looks fake! Like a touched-up calendar picture.

    I love your living room and your new rug. You're so good at swapping things out for the season, too - I'd never get around to that. I like that you got the pretty pale pink flowers, though. White flowers too would be too much white maybe - nice touch of color!

    I have to tell you hubby got a kick out of the pic of Mo on the coffee table, looking down at the rug like he didn't trust it! He was interested in the indoor 'bowling' balls, too - we'd never seen them before.

    Always love that you share with us!

    1. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V8T0TWoTSzU

      beautiful set of carpet bowls on eBay. Great price: http://www.ebay.com/itm/Set-of-Eleven-19th-Century-Antique-Victorian-Scottish-Carpet-Balls-/172492229864?hash=item2829568ce8:g:YYQAAOSwo4pYfPe6


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