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Monday, December 5, 2016

It's Beginning to Look Like Christmas

Good evening, everyone. After a solid week of holiday shopping and decorating, I am feeling a teensy bit stressed, like I'm both treading water and running on empty.

I'll show you how I've fixed up my house so far. I couldn't get away with just keeping my blue and white and throwing on an accent color. That ends up red/ white/ and blue/ and looks like Fourth of July.

Hope you all enjoy the pre-holiday excitement, too.



gone to the beach....


  1. I love seeing your decor! I hope you are done stressing. It's good to ENJOY the season.

  2. Holiday stress seems to be a modern given. Your house looks great! It always looks nice but I love the way you change things with the seasons. Also makes me *really* glad you can't see my house, LOL. So not decorated...

  3. Your decorating is wonderful! I love your toile bowl fillers too--so pretty!

  4. It looks so pretty and festive! I've said it before, but where do you store all this stuff? You must have amazing organizationall skills.

    Pretty tulips :)

    Thanks for sharing. Hoping you'll rub off on me...even if it's just a little.


  5. Lizzy! Everything looks so wonderful! And Mo is looking as cool as ever. :) Enjoy all the days leading up to Christmas! Kit


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