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Friday, October 21, 2016

Mo Goes to a New Dog Park

Happy Friday! Playtime for Mo. I took everyone's advice to heart and arranged a trip to the doggy park for Mo on Sunday.

It's a bit of a drive, but Mo loves riding in the car, in his plushy car seat, so that's okay.

This is a different park from our usual dog run, in the dunes nearby. You can see this park is fairly large and very well maintained.

It's in town on the bay side of the island, not to far from the Farmers Market.
Nice view, nice sea breeze. Good dogs, friendly folks.

But Mo was shy! He liked a couple of the children more than he liked the other dogs. Mo is funny, he doesn't exactly look like other dogs, he looks like a different species. LOL, species Pugus?

He didn't play or run, he hid under the bench mostly. I think he'll do better when it's cooler. There was no shade at all. Though there is a lovely high tech drinking fountain for the dogs, with fresh flowing water, basins on three levels including low for Mo.

After 20 minutes we all got bored and went home. Mo said he needed a nap!

Pros: clean; good water; nice dogs and people.
Cons: 20 minute drive; Mo was scared and hot; only one bench!; no shade.

Result: less naughtiness by Mo, but then again I've removed almost everything he can destroy! My house is rather barren right now.


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gone to the beach....

beach pix 5 years ago, same date


  1. It sounds like all the servers are making upgrades/changes now causing glitches for some. Several blog friends have complained that their links to outside sources (like Etsy) aren't working. And their blog rolls have disappeared from their sidebar. Perhaps it's good to push Mo outside his comfort zone ... ha, just like us humans. Even though it's a 20 minute drive, you did mention the Farmer's Market, and that would be nice to combine the two when the weather is a bit cooler.

  2. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    1. I am still getting used to posting using my tablet hence the false start on the comment I deleted. Lol

      What a huge place for Mo to enjoy. The grass looks so pretty. That nap looks like a good idea.

      I'm glad to see you out and about. You're amazing!



  3. Glad you got to try out a new park. At least it helped Mo to get a bit tired out and that will calm him some. Still hot there? We are in our cool and rainy fall temps now. Thanks to Canada...LOL And I am liking it. Feeling very cozy and homey. You have a great weekend! Kit

    1. Hi Kit, please send us your cool crisp air. We re muggy here, some fog, some wind, cooler though soon!

  4. The dog park really ought to have more than one bench! Otherwise it looked nice, and maybe next time Mo will like it more. Maybe he didn't recognize any of the dogs' scents there.

    I think we're ALL looking forward to cooler weather. It's still pretty nice here, in the 70s (knock on wood!).

    I quit using Outlook a while back...too many issues. I hope they get their boggle fixed for you though.

    LOL, I just got myself moving, and the picture of Mo all sacked out makes me want to take a nap, too!!

    Thanks for sharing!

  5. Maybe he will just need a ride in the car next time! LOL

  6. The park does look very clean and well maintained. But yeah, what's with the no shade trees, and nowhere to sit? By design I wonder, or poor planning?

    Love the pic of Mo in the car, and the one of him all sacked out :)

    The ocean looks beautiful.

    Well, speaking of sacked out...time for me to hit the hay.


    1. Hi Kel! The park is new-ish, opened this summer. Maybe more benches will appear? There was no seating in the small dog section at all. Trees might be a long wait though, there were none planted and it's on a barren island shoreline. The other park has old trees [big] and a covered area with shade and picnic tables, lots of seating, on a conctrete pad, much cooler for Mo. The rest is scrubby grass and dune sand...not green like a golf course, but Mo and I don t mind that. Sand is clean, right? LOL. My friends who helped me take Mo like the new park so hopefully we ll go again, now that it's cooler weather. {if it stays cool!].


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