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Monday, September 19, 2016

Out and About

Hi! How is everyone? As I slowly improve and can walk a little I've been getting out with my best friend L. One day last week she asked me to go with her to the Fabric Mill to order new drapes for her living room. L has a lovely home and a generous budget, and she is always rehabbing and redoing. It's fun to tag along!
Off over the many bridges I mention often.

It's lovely and the air smells salty and so good, even on a hot day.
This back road reminds me of Cape Cod, around Wellfleet. It's a bit brown and dry this year, no rain. Many of the bushes are bittersweet and in November will be bright orange.

We took the ''scenic'' route because that's where her GPS sent us! Not direct but no traffic.

This is the shop we went to. I should say warehouse!

Bolt after bolt of the most gorgeous silks, linens, velvets. As a quilter I've gotten used to simple cottons, but oh what a joy it was to see such treasures. [I adore fabrics of any sort, of course.]

I've had a hankering for tartan throws and pillows this winter, what do you think?

This was my favorite group, especially the blue. Raw silk with densely embroidered flowers.

I'd love to make a whole cloth sofa throw, in velvet, with a silk backing and silk batting. Wouldn't that be cozy.

Years ago this store stocked quilting fabrics, but not now. This was their entire selection of quilting cottons, comic and Disney, and out of date. {Shrek?].

They also have mill end cuts and I always enjoy looking for yardage at 1.99 a yard, for quilt backings. That day I didn't buy anything though I see a couple of possibles now in the photos.

Back home again through the marsh road. The water looks odd and bulgy, see? It was a very high tide that day.

Some other fun outings...we found and explored a new to us grocery store. Nice!

And we stopped in the pet supply store to get bully sticks for Mo. I got him this adorable sweater. Sadly the neck is too tight, has to go back. Disappointing. I'm afraid Mo might be an XL!

This week I have physical therapy appointments. I feel they are counter productive, as the exercises cause my hip joint pain to return along with the weakness in my legs. But I am being encouraged to ''try". [Do a bridge! /// No. Just.... No.]

Have a great week!



gone to the beach.......

The Fabric Mill, Long Island NY    


  1. Love it when you take a road trip. What a beautiful route to travel.

    Yeah, warehouse is right! That place is huge. You two were probably like kids in a candy store, as they say. Were you there for hours? Did L find something? Awww, of course you spotted something in the photos...later ;)

    So, Mo has a thick neck, now we know.

    Is the idea with physical therapy to strengthen other areas so that it'll help with the problem areas? Well, in any case, good luck.

    I so enjoy exploring different grocery stores. Maybe you'll tell us if you found anything fun.


    1. Oh I could have bought so much! L chose an ivory raw silk with a bronze/ brown corded slub/ stripe. the stripes are fine and about 5" apart. Classic full pinch pleat drapes. She is waitng for an estimate now.

      Poor Mo has a 16 almost 17" neck! Like a heavy guy's shirt! Pugs have neck rolls , politely called their ruffs.

      Yes that's what the PT is supposed to do, but they keep having me do leg and hip motion, which is very inflammatory and causes the intense pain to return.

      New grocery store's food was good, but not as good as our usual or Trader Joe's. On the other hand, it s right next to Home Goods! And their chocolate rice pudding was yummy. Like you I enjoy exploring new grocery stores.

  2. Yeah for fun days out! The drive looked pretty and it was cool that you got to be the passenger and take pictures! That's always a nice change.

    I'd have gone through the mill ends, LOL. Fabric is so expensive now. I like the idea of tartan pillows - they'd change your living room look completely. The embroidered silks were nice, too, and the throw you imagined sounds really cosy to read under.

    Did you get some veggies and things at the grocery? You've missed most of the farmer's markets and I know you enjoy them. I hope you found some interesting things at the store, too.

    HOPEFULLY the pain from PT will lessen each time and you'll get your freedom back. I suck at doing things that hurt so have lost a lot of range of motion in my shoulders. My daughter has done MUCH better, so don't give up. Talk to your doctor. Hang in there!

    Thanks for sharing your day out!

    1. Hi! I got salads and very yummy rice pudding at the new store. It looks like it s good enough to go to sometimes, esp since it s right by Home Goods. And the prices were quite good. But the apples, which looked lovely were so yucky and mealy I threw them out.

      I wasn t in full rummage condition, to search the mill end bins and remnant tubs. You know I can t lift or bend over, so I jusssssst kinda stood there looking hopeful. Maybe we'll be back sometime. Or if I want their tatans I can order online.

      We ll see w the PT I think they think I m a whiner....

  3. wHAT A FUN OUTING! Do you let the PT's know it sets you back physically?

  4. Oh how I loved that fabric store! I swear I am addicted to pretty fabrics. I want to buy them all, but unlike you, who use them, mine just sit there being admired....LOL So sorry your hip is causing you such grief. My oldest has a joint problem and hopefully will have surgery soon. She was getting some shots, but they wear off too fast. Have they figured out what is happening? You take care, Kit


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