I wiped away the weeds & foam. / I fetched my sea-born treasures home... Ralph Waldo Emerson

Thursday, September 1, 2016

Dotty 365 August

Hello! Happy September! Aren't you sooo glad you don't have to go back to school! I know I am.
Here are my Dotty 365 Circles for August.

August 31 is Dotty number 300!

Plus the first two Dots for September...

This month is a mix of memories---beach days with toddlers, sandcastles, gaudy plastic beach toys, Hawaiian shirts and flowered boardshorts, learning to surf, hunting for shells and seaglass...

Endless summer and enjoying every day! Our favorite picnic was peanut butter and fresh tomato sandwiches, on whole wheat with mayo. Still love it. Lemonade, carrot sticks. Crappy cheese and peanut butter cracker packets, to dole out to hungry little ones. Goldfish crackers too....

And some of the Dots are scraps of current projects, mostly P2 this time. See the watermelon rinds?

My momentous walk finally with Mo....

Some other special memories, just for me.

My little journal.

All my accumulated squares in the box.

Summer is ending, bittersweet, feeling like time has been squandered , out of my control.

Moving on...65-ish Dotties left to sew! Click HERE to see evryone's Dots on Quilty Folk.



gone to the beach...

 Aerial view of the Dots. Memories, yes; design/ graphic quality/ eye appeal---NO.


  1. I think you're wrong about the lack of visual appeal - I think the dotty quilt is going to be gorgeous when it's done. Will you be sad to see the end of the daily dots?

    Eww, did you eat peanut butter and tomatoes on the same sandwich? Sounds like something Stephanie Plum would eat!

    In case I haven't mentioned it before, I love seeing the pictures you draw/paint in your journals and sketchbooks. They always look so cheerful!

  2. Hahaha! Yes! The basic picnic sandwich is Peanut Butter, Mayo and Lettuce [iceberg only!] and then we always add thinly sliced tomatoes. Bacon is good too....

    I m glad you enjoy my doodles in the journal. This summer I had planned to do a beacy sketchbook to then adapt to a future quilt, but not something I was able to do. Maybe next year, or these little sketches could work too.

  3. You have accumulated such unique fabrics for your circles and their backgrounds. This is going to make such a wonderful quilt!

  4. I'm always sad for the close of summer. Cute dots! What a diary!

  5. It's been one of those summers for us too.:) Love seeing your fabrics in these circles.

  6. Such happy cheerful circles. Looking forward to warmer weather here so I can go to the beach.

  7. Dots! Love 'em. I saw that Mel asked if you will miss the dots. Will you? I think we will. I really like the two dots for September.

    YES! Glad not to be going back to school. Hard to believe it's that time of year...again.

    I was hoping you meant tomato sandwiches AND peanut butter sandwiches! How does a person even come up with a combo like that?

    Lovely weather here. My friend and I took the aqualink for a mid-afternoon mojito today. Beautiful on the water. Oh, goose not on the street I thought. The search begins again :)


    1. Hi Kelley! I m glad you re having nice weather, the boat ride and mojito sound so fun.

      Hahaha...Kids love weiord sandwiches I ve found. A family favorite.

      I may miss the Dots tho I cerainly have plenty of toher things to work on. And as I mentioned before, I may begin in Jan 2017 w/ an indido blue [& white? & black?] version. If I ever find my antique Japanese indigo fanbrics. And or the Little Baskets. The Baskets aren t much harder than the DotsHurrincane Hermine was a ifzzle , but it s quiet here. Oix coming on blog later tonite.

      have a good week!

  8. Thinking about you and the impending storm. Have been watching the weather channel and they were at Seaside Heights, an old haunt of mine as a kid. Hope it doesn't hit you hard. Love your quilt circles. Such a great idea. :) Take care, Kit

  9. I so love the idea of a circle every day. But I'd have to be way more organized than I am, to achieve it. My hat's off to you!



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