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Friday, August 26, 2016

A Walk and a Fail, of sorts

Hi! It's Friday, and the last weekend of August is upon us. It's very hot today, first day of over 90* here this summer, I think! But earlier in the week we had a couple of cooler days and I was somewhat foolishly tempted to go out walking with Mo and his walker. I was so excited to be outside enjoying the summer day that I forgot that I am supposed to strictly limit myself. Activity increases the inflammation and therefore the pain. Stupid stupid [and boring! sorry!].

We went really far! Look! We went to the koi pond.

It has quite  a bit of new landscaping this year, new rocks and a pretty purple marshy flower, new water hyacinths too.

Then we went on. And ON. Because I just had to visit the Gooses! A, the dog walker, thought I was pretty odd, snapping pix, but I know you too are dying to see the Geese!

All dressed for the beach. Even Baby has a bit of embellishment, isn't that great.


Now about that Cauliflower pilaf.

It was good. But it wasn't pilaf, or rice-y or nutty. It was just---cauliflowery. Not savory or wonderful.

I sauteed a sweet onion and minced garlic. Added some sliced yellow squash for color. Added the cauli and a bit of chicken broth. Cooked it over high heat about 6 minutes only, so the cauli didn't turn to mush. It needed a lot of lemon pepper and shaved parm to be interesting/ edible.

It looks right, but I don't know why I thought it would actually taste like pilaf. I'd rate it a C-.

We should take Kel's advice and stick to Trader Joe's peanut butter cups instead! Less work, more yummy. LOL.



gone to the beach..........


  1. Watch that walking too and don't overdo it!
    I like to try new recipes in the kitchen, even if they don't taste good! LOL

  2. It's so hard not to overdo it. I'm sure it felt so good to be out and about. Sorry you're hurting. Thanks for the review of the cauliflower rice! I think I'll stick with the real thing!

  3. Oh, sorry your jaunt has caused more pain, but I bet you're still glad you got out!

    I was glad to see the geese in their water gear! And the purple flower by the water is liriope, sometimes called 'monkey grass' or lilyturf.

    I have used Riced cauliflower more like potatoes - next time *if* there is a next time, try sauteing them in a little butter, then add sour cream, shredded cheddar cheese, and some bacon bits and heat until the cheese melts. Tastes like twice-baked potatoes, only the texture of the cauliflower gives it away.

    1. Thanks for the flower names and the great sounding recipe!

  4. Live and learn huh? You really made the rounds. So nice to see the Koi pond, it's been awhile. And the geese, too cute. I finally found the one in my neighborhood again. I was with the husband when I spied it and he WOULD NOT hand over his phone so I could take a pic. He was worried we would freak out the home owners, lol. Next time.

    Sorry the cauliflower dish didn't work out. Gotta say that Mel's idea sounds pretty yummy...and good for you cause you're using cauliflower instead of potatoes, right? ;)

    Gotta go, there's a cat on my lap demanding my attention.

    Happy weekend!


    1. Hi! Oh you must take a picture of your neighbors' Gooses! They shouldn t mind if you take a photo, afterall they have ----Lawn Geese! What were they wearing?

    2. PS I just fed the Kitty Twins. Deli turkey, rotisserie flavor. Mo get so upset, he *loves* rotisseries chicken. It s what I use to train him new things. And now the Twins tease him, they come in the afternoons and meow below our deck where I am sewing and Mo is sunning himself. Mo wants to play but is not allowed out there, no fence etc.

    3. I will definitely try to get a shot of the goose. It's just the one, and we went by too fast for me to see what it had on. It's not displayed prominently on the porch like yours. More amongst the landscaping.

      So exciting about the kitties. What a nice little bit of excitement for Mo, (and you) even if he can't go play. Thanks for sharing!

  5. There are the geese! Nice to see you getting out and about.:) Hugs, Kit


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