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Tuesday, June 7, 2016

My Little Friend

Hello, everyone! Today, June 8th, is the second anniversary of Mo the Pug's arrival in my home and heart. His adoption day! You may remember he flew here all alone, all the way from California, a tiny little mite whom we all immediately loved. HERE

Mo has grown up into a fine doggy!
Currently Mo is the proud possessor of a professional dog walker, a nice young woman who comes to take Mo for his afternoon run. I'm better but am under doctors' orders to rest, horizontally if possible. Ugh.

Some weekends will be spent with friends who can give Mo the attention and exercises he needs.

No quilt for Mo's celebration this year but I did buy him a bag of ''bully sticks'' [don't ask]. And he probably will enjoy them much more than his quilt.
After his walk we now sit on the deck for a bit and I do some hand sewing. It's a bit tedious, but better than painful. And less lonely with dear Mo at my side.



gone to the beach.....

This afternoon, a sudden storm rolled in. Lucky for me, Mo is not afraid of storms, or even interested, despite the dramatic thunder and lightning over the water.


  1. Yes, he is a fine doggie. You're all very fortunate to have one another. And you're such a good Mom to him. Getting him a dog walker, and letting him spend some weekends with friends is very generous and responsible. You must miss him when he has sleepovers :)

    I followed the link and re-read the post about Mo's arrival. Very sweet. I wonder what he was thinking to be with his dog and human people one day, and then across the US all by himself and into a new home and new family?

    Continued prayers for you. Give Mo a rub for me.


    1. I worried about Baby Mo's feelings too! But truth is, he d have been separated from his mother and littermates anyway. The breeder had been doing that and trained him to sleep in his travel crate etc. He had his own blanky. She taught him his name....and fortunately Mo is a very calm dog, note how good he is w storms and new helpers etc. So the shipping/ rehoming went as well as could be expected.

  2. What a sweet boy and really cute pictures! You are so lucky you found each other. Continued good wishes for a speedy recovery.

  3. Happy BDay Dear Sir Mo! Sending a great big hug to you, my friend, for a speedy recovery. I am so blessed to call you friend.

  4. Happy adoption day to Mo! How wonderful you have someone that will take him out for a walk.
    We had a storm roll in last night after 100 degree days and lightning started a fire! Good grief, it seems to early for that.

  5. Mo looks so cute snuggled in that blue blanket! Such a hard life! It's hard to believe you've had him 2 years already, but at the same time it seems like he's always been there. I hope he's polite to the dog-walker but it's good you have someone to give him his exercise while you need to take it easy.

    It was hot and muggy here today, I was wishing for those cloudy days back! Maybe not rain, but that sun was too hot!

    Take care!

  6. Hi Lizzy! I love your blog! Always something interesting. Get well wishes for you. Congratulations on Moe's adoption! Thank you for sharing the beach and your finds with us. Sharon


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