I wiped away the weeds & foam. / I fetched my sea-born treasures home... Ralph Waldo Emerson

Thursday, May 26, 2016

Suddenly Summer

airshow practice
Hi! I'm wearing shorts! And pretending I'm not sweating. The weather has changed and summer has arrived with a bang. One day I was wearing a down parka, the next---flipflops, tank top and shorts. Confusing.

It's even hotter in the city, heralding the soon arriving folks who come to visit me, fair weather friends, I sometimes say.

Gone and forgotten are the peaceful quiet cold days of winter. Overnight the beach roses have burst into fragrant bloom.

Most are pink, but now and then a white rose appears.

Happy bumble bees!

The beach peas have proliferated, and are also blooming with a sweet scent.

As Memorial Day approaches, all is focused on sun and fun. The beach is still peaceful this week. But not for long. Soon it will be [by my lovely standards] bustling with beach lovers.

The life guard stands aren't up yet but their first aid and other supply boxes have appeared, bright yellow on the dull tan beach.

The tide is very low this week after the full moon the other day. The dark curve on the left is the high tide mark.

The beach seems huge!

Lots of shells, but no sea glass. And the always amusing ''faux shell'' deposits, seen in the distance...

The interesting shell patch scurries away as I approach. Not clams! Sanderlings, on their way north to their nesting grounds.

Time to air the beach towels, replace the flannel sheets with crisp percale, wash the screens, ready the deck for the coming summer days and evenings.



gone to the beach...


  1. Spring is always fun for crazy weather- snow, hail, rain, sunshine....sometimes all in one day!
    Welcome Summer!

  2. Love the beach roses and peas, I wish I could smell them! The 'faux' shells made me laugh. I hope you enjoyed the walk, your beach may be busy this weekend!

    1. Hi! Town and roads are jammed with frantic people getting ready for summer! I got picnic stuff and casserole makings in case of rain.

  3. You got some good shots of the beach roses. Do they smell similar to regular roses? The beach looks inviting. You are a lucky girl to live so close.

    My neighbor is New York City this week and mentioned how hot it is. I was surprised as the last I heard of weather back that way was from you, when it WAS still chilly.

    Enjoy the weekend, hope you're feeling well. Let us know what you get into :)

    1. Hi Kel. Damp fog is rolling in even as I sit here and type. As Lori pointed out, spring weather can be ANYTHING. Or everything, in just one day.

      The beach roses have a soft pleasant rose scent. Like old fashioned climbing roses? But I m not the best judge,lol, my nose isn t such a good scenter. The best thing is that on a sunny warm morning, as the dew evaporates, the air is filled with the scent of the roses---and sometimes, in June, of honeysuckle too. sigh. Lovely.

      have a good weekend.

  4. Wow, those roses look like our wild roses here in Iowa. They are our state flower and fill our ditches each summer. Your sweet peas are also a miricle!!!

    Enjoy your warmth !!!!


  5. Beautiful roses. I have some wild roses in my garden and they are about to open. I will post pictures when they do. They look so similar. I am jealous of you that you live so close to the sea. Enjoy!


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