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Thursday, May 12, 2016

From Valerie to Lizzy

Hi! Time for little quilt show and tell!
This past month Lori at Humble Quilts organized our third annual doll quilt swap. Every year more and more quilters join in, I think more than 80 this year. HERE
So fun and it is so generous of Lori to take the time to do this for all of us. [Thank you, Lori!]
I sent my little quilt off, fingers crossed, and eagerly awaited the arrival of my quilt.
My quilt was made by Val [Valerie Langue] and it comes from my home state and even my home neighborhood of northern Illinois. It seems Val is the proprietor of a lovely quilt shop! The Quilt Merchant How I wish I could visit such a great shop [no quilt shops here at the beach] and meet Val in person.

I LOVE my little quilt from Val.

Look at these fabrics.

I believe it is a charm quilt, having studied it carefully and finding no repeats, except the cornerstones.All those pinks!

Val also put in some special treasures--- very useful and pretty fabrics in reds and blacks, teeny tiny hexie papers [paper hexagons to form hand pieced hexagon quilts for non-quilter friends, link at end of this post].

And these dear little  again teeny tiny Eiffel Tower scissors, perfect for my little beach bag sewing kit.

I'll treasure this quilt always--for its wonderful colors and fabrics, for the beauty of its construction, for Val's kindness in making it for me, and for its memories of a place I once called home and dearly loved.

.......................................                     .................................                   ......................

Here is my little quilt, the one I sent to Liz in Oregon.

I based it on a doll quilt from my collection of doll quilt pins on my Pinterest page. The center is a Country Roads block [Crossroads] from one of Lori's doll quiltalongs. I loved the little block so I used it here.

I often put an antique quilt block on the backs of my doll quilts, I think it adds to the charm and interest. And it's a way of preserving interesting orphan blocks.

Thanks again to Val, and to Lori, for a fun swap! Be sure to go to Lori's blog to see the link-up of everyone's little quilts, leave a comment if possible too. HERE



gone to the beach.......

English paper piecing with hexagons HERE


  1. Your little quilt to Liz in Ohio is so sweet! Love the berries! Val's quilt is lovely as she is. Enjoy!

  2. How funny that your quilt went to another Liz! I think your little red quilt came out lovely, and I like the orphan block on the back, too.

    The one you received is so pretty, too! All the nice colors. It was very sweet of Valerie to send you the 'extras' too! The fabrics are very nice and the tiny little scissors are so sweet! Don't let Gully swipe them!!

  3. Forgot to say - that first photo of the boardwalk ending at the beach would also be a cool FractureMe print, or a painting!

  4. Lizzy, i love the quilt Val made for you, it's so nice & scrappy!! Ohhh but the quilt you made for Liz is adorable!! I love the idea of using vintage blocks on the back.. i might just have to steal that idea :))

  5. So much sweetness in each little quilt!

  6. What a great idea to use an orphan block on the back of your little quilts! Your quilts are both wonderful! I love the yellow binding on the little one you made.

  7. Val's quilt is so sweet and looks right at home there hanging in front of your hutch. LOVE the idea of using an orphan vintage block on a backing.

  8. Hey, would you like to link up again and add the photo you made for Liz? I'm not sure she has a blog. Thanks

  9. Oh how lovely both quilts are! Such a great swap! So much talent :) Kit

  10. Such amazing quilts! And to have that much patience to do them is mind blowing (for me)...I still have intentions to start to quilt, but after other projects have come to completion! (Think this fall)


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