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Tuesday, May 3, 2016

April Showers Come in May

Hi! We're having a spell of dark rainy/ misty spring weather. It's like living in a cloud...or as I recall it, San Francisco!

Neither Mo nor I are feeling great; poor Mo, his heart worm pills make him sick. We've tried so many kinds with no success. I'm having probs washing the white slipcovers with my hip pain. It's similar to the hand pain I had a few years ago, and hopefully will pass. I try hard to set a good example, No Whining! The pain is really putting a crimp in my spring cleaning schedule, though.

Of course Mo and I get out and wander the neighborhood.  Garden peeping in slow-motion, I'm afraid.

I love the ferns' fiddleheads, so storybook/ fairyland.

No signs of green on the dunes.

The Goose family dressed in baseball outfits. A slugger and an umpire? We won't mention Baby, poor little one. I wish I'd saved Mo's baseball bandana for him, instead I cut it up for a Dotty. Too bad.

Just now I made a beef stew with cremini mushrooms and baby cipollini onions.  I don't have a crock pot at the moment so I made it in my new turquoise le Creuset pot and put it in the oven. It can simmer all evening; it's for tomorrow's supper, plus leftovers, I hope. In awhile I'll add tiny new potatoes, red, purple, and Yukon gold fingerlings. 

If the rain lets up tomorrow, I think it will be the first Farmers Market! Yay! Really looking forward to having the farmers' fresh veggies. I hope to find some tiny carrots and maybe parsnips, I'll add them to my stew before serving it.

What do you all think? Wait or sow the herb seeds now?



gone to the beach...


  1. Lovely spring photos. Your stew sounds delicious!

  2. Healing hugs sent to you and Mo from me and Amy.

  3. So many colorful things to see! Love the tulips and the fiddlehead ferns.

    Sorry that you and Mo aren't quite up to snuff. This too shall pass, as the saying goes. Are your aches weather related?

    Give yourself a break on the spring cleaning. You're probably ahead of the game anyway...compared to me ;)

    The stew sounds perfect for the weather you're having. Have you shown us a pic of the turquoise pot? I would love to see it, or see it again. I could look at cookware all day, seriously, all day.

    Wishing you and Mo well.


    1. Hi Kel! Here s the link w my new dutch oven. I was miffed to find out it was not really le Creuset and held a grudge,lol. But now I ve used it a few times. It is extremely heavy tho, weighs more than Mo!

    2. Lol, I would have made the same mistake! Cuisinart, Le Creuset, they both contain 'c'. It's beautiful no matter the brand. I also long for a Le Creuset though. I meant to comment on starting the herbs. I was going to advise waiting till May... snort. I agree with Mel. Also the geese, very cute, for the most part ;) Kel

  4. I hope the weather cooperated and you got to go to the farmer's market today! Your stew sounded good, too. Do the mushrooms hold together after such a long simmer?

    The pictures were wonderful. Funny to see tulips when their time is already passed here. I think the ferns are adorable! And I love the Japanese maples - I was very tempted to buy a small one just Monday.

    I think you should go ahead and plant your herb seeds (I'm assuming outdoors?). If you get a late cold snap after they sprout, you can cover them with almost anything - cut top of a soda bottle or milk bottle, paper cone, or even an upside down vase, etc.

    We've got sunny skies here for a bit, daytime temperatures went from the 50s to 70. I can sure tell the sun is shining on the house!!

    Talk to you soon, and thanks for sharing!

    1. No farmers market, it was rained out. I m still wet from our noon walk too!
      I baked my stew for 5 hours at 325 degrees [4 would be enuf but I forgot about it] I add the potatoes after 2 hours and the mushrooms near the end, half hour before ''done''. I should have just used a peeled cooking onion to start and added the cipollinis w the potatoes because they fell apart. But it s ok.


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