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Thursday, April 7, 2016

Westering Women and Summertime Updates

You may recall I had my doubts about this Month s Westering Women block. It looked hard.

from B. Brackman's blog,
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Not that I mind a challenge but it required enlarging and printing templates...on one's printer. Hahaha, I have the worlds crappiest printer these days. I could have bought the Rolls Royce of printers for what it has eaten in the way of prepaid postage sheets. Instead I bought the cheapest Target printer--on sale. It sucks.
Needless to say I couldn't transfer the pattern from Brackman's blog page. [Other people had problems too, see the comments. I'm not just a whiny problem child person, here alone with my --whine.]
Instead I drafted the block on graph paper. Took me about a half hour. I made a cutting pattern and a Mylar stitching template. For set in corners it's especially important to mark exactly where to stop sewing, and to not sew through the seam allowances.

I've mentioned I work better with my own patterns. I believe this is because I think things through as I draw out the pattern. [When I designed clothes, though I did not sew the sample garments, I did have to be able to tell my samplemakers, and later my production people, how to sew the things together. So, same idea here.]

I sewed the block by machine. I took my time. The block went together quickly and nicely and even finished the right size . Hooray. [one hint, for me, I   cut the set-ins larger and trim. They are sewed from the points, so the extra is just on the outside edge. Gives some wiggle room especially with all these biases.

Less successful was the convergence of all the points and stem. Big LUMP, though with manipulation I got the seams settled and it looks pretty good!

Learned something new, too: Lemoyne Stars. That's what the basic star shape is called.

Dotty 365 Update: I ordered a couple of maybe backings for my Circles quilt.
As always things look quite different when not on one's computer screen. I did expect these words to be quite large. About 2" high? I suppose very big is better than just wishy washy XL?

Compared to real-life sized scripts used in the dot squares.

I like it---I love that it's modern and graphic, a nice change of style here---and would be relieved to think it's wide enough, 108", always an issue with machine quilting. The narrow border could maybe be the Pencils, or a simple confetti dot.

Remix Polka Dots Black

I also ordered this coastal print. It is a map, but with script annotations, so it would ''go'',

especially if I use the duck egg blue on the left for the narrow border. Neither will go to waste, I'm always desperate for yardage for backings since I rarely buy more than a half yard of a pattern.

Now about Summertime. It's giving me fits, it's a problem child. I planned to make this quilt from my meager stash, but some of the big borders required my ordering yardage because to look at all cohesive the two applique borders should match.

I bought 1 1/2 yards of the blue picnic plaid. Uh oh. The inner borders took 1/2 yard and for some reason I was sure the leftover yard was enough for the outer borders. But, no. They are cut 8 1/2" [9" w trimming added] by 54 1/2" One yard yields 4 strips 9" x 44". ooops, bummer. I can't find the exact blue plaid.

I found a version that hasn't arrived yet, or I found a smaller purple plaid to use for one of the borders. Depends on which looks worse.

I hope to have Summertime finished by May 1st. I want to start prepping my Ohio Sampler then, for beach sewing. Wish me luck?



gone to the beach~~~~~~

PS Mo is officially on strike today! He now refuses to go out at all when he can hear the wind blowing hard. Okay by me! He can have pit stops on the sheltered deck, he has a little potty pad there...and we have fun playing tag and fetch indoors. Here he is, all huddled and sad---he even threw up! Poor little man.


  1. I think your Westering Women block looks pretty good! For the life of me I cannot master those Y seams! They are not my friend! I finally have one applique border prepped and ready to stitch! I also had to order more fabric for the borders since they are supposed to match...but they don't have too! I applaud a May 1st finish!! I am no where near that....too many other projects going!!Poor little Mo....I don't blame him about the wind.. it has been non stop here too!!

  2. I don't blame Mo for not wanting to go out in the wind. I don't like it either!
    Your block looks great, always a tricky one.
    Summertime quilt will be fun and spontaneous, even if you have to change the border print. I like it a lot!

  3. Block is very pretty and well executed. Mo must be sensitive to the wind as I...by the way, I will be sending pics your way re the yo's to make sure you have what you need for your quilt project. Hugs, Strawberry.

  4. The leaf block looks hard, but it came out looking good. I don't think I'd have the patience for that.

    I like the 'words' fabric especially with the dots as a border, but I think I end to lean toward the other one with the shells and writing. I'm sure you'll find good uses for both in time, so I'll just wait and see what you decide! Since the words are all color names (right?) it might work for a back for a colorful geometric shapes quilt or something, too...

    Oh, that Summertime quilt is just doing everything possible to be annoying isn't it! Just wait, probably when it's done you'll really like it!

    Love the picture of Mo, he looks like he's refusing to go down the steps! Made my hubby laugh. The wind here was awful yesterday, I was shopping with a friend and when she opened the car door the wind yanked it and she nearly got yanked out, too. Then she nearly got slammed in the door when we parked the other direction and the wind was blowing the door shut on her. Yikes! Is it less windy in the early morning or just before dark? Maybe you can sneak in a walk here and there, but I'm glad Mo has a 'safe' place to go out and can stay indoors when it's crazy out.

    Don't YOU get blown away, either!

  5. Thanks for the good feedback on my projects! As for the wind, my dad would have said," If you have high winds, build a kite! " Hahaha, the poor kites would sail to oblivion over the ocean, I think.

  6. You never cease to amaze me with your skills and determination!

    Poor Mo! We've had a few days of showers and gusty winds. Nothing like you or Mel have had though. Jeeze, her poor friend was lucky to make it through unscathed.

    Hope you had a good weekend!


    1. Patience and ZPerseverence! Hahah, sounds like a 1600's romance novel heroines. My most useful skill, I always think, is that I am very patient.
      We ve had more windy days, of course, but I am luring Mo out when possible, unless I think the sand will hurt his eyes. Playdate Friday! On grass! Yay.

  7. Oh! that was a cool post.I like it.

  8. The quilt block is gorgeous! I always assume there is nothing you can't do (yes, a double negative).

    And Mo must be made of spun sugar, beautiful and delicate ... and very much the dandy!


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