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Friday, April 1, 2016

Quilty 365 March

Hello! It's April, the days are flying by, aren't they?!

Time for Quilty 365, Audrey's quiltalong, also known here as the Dotty quilt or Circles. There is a link up On Quilty Folk blog,HERE.

I began my Circles in November. The Dot for March 31 will be number 147, or 148, if we count today's as yet unchosen dot.

Not much new for me to say about my Dots. Still using the text backgrounds, still using whatever is on my table for the Dots. Audrey is already talking about how to set her Dots! She has lots of fun ideas--though the idea of dividing the 365 dots into multiple quilts, to me, sort of defeats the diary/ journal context of the project. But of course to each her own! I know I am going to put my Dots in simple lines, a setting of 19 dots x 20. [or 20 x 20]. My only wondering is how I will merge Novembers as the year comes around to the project's end.

I have been keeping an eye out for backing fabrics, especially on sale or good buys. No fabric shops around here, my shopping is 90% online with the occasional crazy trip to Joann's for thread or supplies. My friend Mel is great at helping me find cool things. Here are some well-priced script/ text fabrics we found on Fabric.com. HERE

graphic, modern, 108"

good price, beachy, w/ text, good colors

I LOVE this one! $$$$

and this, in the soft quilty pink. $$$$

Whatever shall I choose!?
What about this one? I love the pencils....


In other projects, Westering Women block 3 came out on Wednesday. I was eagerly awaiting the next installment and I love the leaf block HERE--but it looks difficult? Any suggestions? Hand piece it? Applique it? Ideas are welcomed please .

We'll have a beach walk or two, very soon, I promise! For my un-quilty friends and everyone else too, of course. The spring winds are so strong, the sand is blowing too hard for me to take pictures, the sand can ruin even an iPhone lens.

Have a wonderful April!



gone to the beach....

The first three pix are from Mel. Isn't Kansas beautiful!

And late March here at the beach...

summer sky? fabric

spring clouds/ sky fabric

Aren't the sky fabrics great!


  1. That's what I keep coming back to as well. If I divvy up the blocks into two quilts, then it won't quite be the same for me. I'm not afraid of large quilts though so I'm just going to have to figure things out! Always lovely to see your great looking prints in your dotty dots.:)

  2. *I* think all the dots should be in one quilt, although I'm still lobbying for them to be divided into 'months', LOL. Like I get a vote!

    Things are continuing to bloom here, even though it dipped below freezing last night. Redbuds are out, as are the pears and crabapples. There are some 'weed' bushes that come up in fence lines that are blooming, too, they drive me crazy every spring because I have no idea what they are!

    Did you get through all 17 pages of fabric with writing? I only made it through about 5 pages and had to quit looking. I might look at JoAnn's next week, though, the idea of a lap quilt is tempting!

    Hmm, are you thinking of clouds for the quilt backing? might be really pretty, and a good contrast to the texts and dots on the front? I tend to lean toward the map/shells print but there are so MANY fabrics I like! I'll have to wait and see what you choose!

    Thanks for sharing!

    1. Hi! The Clouds--no, not for backing of Dotty, I just admire how beautifully they capture the real sky.

  3. If I come across any text in my stash I'll send it your way! I have a map with a little writing on it, would that work?
    Barbara has step by step instructions on her blog to make that quilt. If you hand piece that would probably be the way to go.

  4. Your dots are looking great! What a clever looking quilt I must say. :) Not much blooming here yet. But we are having lovely weather so that may change. Kit

  5. Howdy! Are you getting snow? Lovely here today, but that could change by Tuesday. My steak sandwiches are easy peasy, Steakum sandwich meat, fry in a pan, add cheese and put on a hard roll with ketchup. Ta Da! So tasty! Have a great Sunday! :) Kit

  6. Love your mix of backgrounds that black and white one appeals to me. I'm mixing back on black, black and white, white and black, white on whites. I've even used some of my backgrounds for circles. May have to use that pencil one for a background, used it for one of my circles already

    keep having fun.

    1. Your Dots sound cool. And I love the Pencils, I m sure I ll use it somehow.

  7. I'm getting excited about your dots quilt after looking at those pictured in the link you provided. So many different takes on the same idea.

    Really like your photo right under the picture of 'summer sky fabric.'

    So Mel,I think I see forsythia, but what are the pink, and the white flowering trees?


    1. Hi Kelley! I have a Pinterest board going, with a few more completed Dot quilts to enjoy:

      I alsed Mel what the trees are, but didn t get an answer yeet. I'd guess the oink is a Crabapple, the white is a Bradford pear or Japanese cherry. But I m no t sure.

    2. PS Mel concurs, the pink is Crabapple, the white is ornamental pear.

  8. You have some of the neatest projects going! I know you will love the dots when you are done ... makes me think about my great aunt Dot!

    Mel does find some of the best stuff! You both have a terrific eye for color and contrast!

    Me? I have an eye for what shows up at the thrift store


    1. LOVE the thrift shop. Too bad it moved far away....

  9. Love those sky fabrics! And the little red dot with the cute doggie. I'm doing the westering women too, but.... might start over with different fabrics, not sure.

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