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Monday, March 14, 2016

Inside, Spring is Here

Hi! This weekend I went to the flower show with my friends. This is an annual show, takes place in the weeks before Easter, so it is very early this year.

My friends are novice gardeners. It's fun to see what they like and what they hope to accomplish in this, their second summer of gardening. Lime trees, in pots, were a huge hit. Made me smile, because who knows, in 20 years they may get a lime or two?

We're greeted with these stunning large concrete tubs.

Inside, the selling area first. [dark, sorry, it was a dark grey afternoon]

I love the hen n chick live wreaths!

Table after table of gorgeous exotic orchids.

Then on to the garden displays. It feels like spring has magically arrived, on a cold grey March day. The rafters of the big greenhouses are filled with excited birds, who must be thrilled and amazed to find this little world of trees and flowers and bubbling brook.

Koi pond, with cool bubbles for the koi. It displays the fancy fish so beautifully. [They can escape, the orbs are open at the bottom.

Above, more bubbles.

Beachy garden...

interesting driftwood swags...

Darling Tiny House, an English Cottage in an English cottage garden. It was my favorite thing.

This garden was stunning, too. Called a Northwestern Garden [?] it featured a realistic bubbling stream and tranquil pool.

And then off in the distance it morphed into a lush rather Japanese garden with this amazing 8 feet high stone circle. Full size trees here and everywhere.

Charming Easter decor too.

And Easter baskets
Some so simple, but great use of color and texture.

St Paddy's Day flowers.

Flats of lovely daffs to take home.



poppies even.

I loved the garden statues. This bunny just  stole my heart, so adorable. I wish I had a place for him.[He was very large! Bigger than Mo.]

Funny gnome!

 I also really like this planter, an idea for my deck next summer. It will be hard for me not to plant flowers, though. 

Hope you enjoyed your vitual tour!



gone to the beach......


  1. I think you're right - the tiny house is too small to be an actual house, I think. Probably just a nice garden shed or 'studio' to hang out in. It's pretty though.

    Haha! You found a STARGATE! I want one! (The stone ring). That would be a really cool entrance to a yard.

    Beautiful pictures, I hope you all had fun. Thanks for sharing!

  2. All those lovely flowers...oh, it can only mean Spring is a-comin'! Thanks for sharing all that beauty. Blessings from the strawberry.

  3. The English cottage garden is my favorite. Definitely lots there to see and enjoy.

  4. Gorgeous! How would you ever decide which one to plant/tend? (Then again, all my silk plants looked like they died before they went to charity.)

  5. Wow! It looks like such a fun event to attend in early spring. Yesterday we had a little snow, today I'm outside running in the sun! (still chilly) I love the promise of spring.

  6. Oh, I always love your flower show. So many ideas and beautiful flowers. Huh, the orbs for Koi ponds are interesting, can't really wrap my head around it though. I like the concrete urns with the pussy willow in them. Well who am I kidding, I like everything! Maybe especially the English garden and the very cute shed. The shed would make a great addition to my backyard. I'll send you a pic of our house and you'll see what I mean :) We almost bit the bullet and bought a light brown plastic shed from Costco this weekend...then I saw your post and that was the end of that!

    In the eighties here today...a little warm. Did I hear that you're expecting a cold snap this weekend?

    Any Easter dinner ideas that you'd like to share?



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