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Friday, March 25, 2016

Happy Easter Happy Spring


Springtime good wishes to everyone!



devilled eggs/ celery & carrots

Butter lettuce salad with lemon vinaigrette

Roast Pork loin with horseradish, sage, and pepper crust


roasted baby new potatoes

Asparagus with hollandaise sauce

rose or white wine


chocolate cheesecake and Cadbury mini chocolate eggs.

Served on my grandmother's Haviland plates: white with sprigs of rose buds.




gone to the beach.....


  1. I love your collection of eggs, they make me happy. And, the 'chocolate'bunny fools me every year!

    Oh the geese...the parents look very cute in their Easter finery, but the poor baby just looks like an interloper ;)

    The menu sounds delicious. Have a wonderful Easter!


    1. Mo has been chomping on the eggs! sigh.

      Poor Baby Goose. I went to the craft store to get him/ her a straw hat but didn t find one. I won t give up tho!

      What did you decide to make for Easter Dinner?

    2. Beef Burgungy. Turned out pretty well. Kind of a mash up of Ina Garten, and Tyler Florence recipes. Deviled eggs for appetizer :) Sangria to start as well.

      Oh Mo!

    3. Sounds yummy! I like the idea of sangria too, always festive. Was your egg dying a success?

    4. We skipped egg dying...we didn't think the twins would hold up for an egg hunt AND egg dying. They will be 3 in August. I boiled the eggs thinking that the husband and I would be able to make time for it, but that didn't happen.

  2. Your twigs are blooming! So pretty, what are the orange-red flowers? Happy to see your egg collection - after you said Mo ate some eggs I was worried about them. Your deceptive 'chocolate' bunny always makes me smile, I was just telling hubby about that the other day. Dinner sounds yummy, I hope all goes well and that you have a good time! Happy Easter/Spring!

    1. The twigs are flowering quince. But these are SILK.

      Mo ate more eggs again! He likes the little quail eggs, crunch, crunnnnch. They re real but blown out and dried. I ve had them for many years, 10? I have a little box with maybe 3 dozen from TJ Maxx, and I keep putting out a few more as he eats them. So far he has eaten maybe 6 or so...

      Faux Rabbit is cool, isn t he. Great thrift find. He looks so real.

  3. Mo looks as snug as a bug in a rug! Your menu made me feel hungry.

  4. Happy spring! Happy Easter!

  5. What time is dinner? I'd love to be there. But in all truth, your day sounds wonderful. Your bunnies are precious. Enjoy and Happy Easter Lizzy.

    1. The fabric bunnies are all by Michelle Pooler, of Olde Farmhouse Simples.

  6. Easter Blessings dear friend! Menu sounds lovely and delicious. Enjoy!

  7. It all sounds so yummy! I love your bunny that looks all chocolatey...LOL Have a lovely Easter! Kit

  8. Happiest of Easters!

    The menu is much improved over my lamb roast and veggies.



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