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Tuesday, February 23, 2016

I Kept my Promise

Hi guys! As February fades into the mud and wind of March, does anyone look back at those New Years Resolutions that were made in January?
Of course not.
I mentioned that I don't make resolutions but I do try to keep my promises. And so this weekend when the snow melted and the temps rose above single digits, I took Mo to the doggy park. You may recall that I had promised him we'd go as often as possible. Even though I find it scary and nerve wracking.

Mo ran with the big boys! There were about eight very large boisterous, though friendly, dogs that day, and a couple of littles---a dachshund and a scottie. My son insisted I let Mo be, let him make friends. Mo has zero interest in the dainty small dogs, he wants to be part of the Big Guys clique.

At times, to me, Mo looked scared. Here he seems proud and confident, though, doesn't he?

He is maybe 1/8th the size of the big dogs, but he is bold and very fast and kept up easily.

We practiced on the agility equipment too. Can't get him to do the tube thing, but he did very well on the ramp/ climber. Pugs will do anything for a treat.

The bad news is he likes to jump off the top level, down into the sand. It's at least 4 feet down and I am afraid the impact will hurt his little legs. By my math it's like jumping off a 3 or 4 storey building for a human.

I think he had fun and oh was he tired.

His reward was a new bed, since he ate the previous two I had under my computer desk. He doesn't like this one though. He falls out. It;s called a Cuddle Cup.

Mostly Mo likes to ride in the car. We drove through both marinas on the way home, so empty and deserted on a winter day.

Talk to you soon, have a good week.


gone to the beach...

Wind and rain today, full moon high tide.

See the white line of waves behind the pine tree, directly out my window. That's a new sandbar, maybe 20 yards offshore. Where a lot of my beach's sand went the other week.


  1. The pictures of little Mo with the larger white dog are precious. Mutt and Jeff!
    Good for him holding his own, and good for you for keeping your promise...and your son for talking you down ;)

    So odd to see the almost empty marinas. Lonely looking but beautiful.

    Thanks for taking the time to post. It was worth it!


    1. Hi! Mo must have had fun, bec today he trotted right out to my car and sat by the back door, waiting. It was raining! Not a dog park day at all.

  2. Mo is so cute! I would think the sand would cushion his jump a bit.
    I keep my resolutions pretty well :)

  3. When I was young our family had a mini poodle (less than knee high) that thought he was a German Shepherd, so I can understand Mo wanting to run with the big dogs! I'm glad the other dogs were friendly & that your son was with you, too.

    It sure looks cold in your pictures! There's something about those shades of blue... The empty marina would look really creepy at twilight!

    Glad you and Mo had a good day, hope today is good, too.

    1. I think the marina is brightly lit at night, for safety, when folks dock late? So it may not be all that creepy, tho I ve never gone in to look. Theoretically there s a guard and you have to have a boat there [and a sticker pass on your car?] or be a guest, but in midwinter there s just a police car there now and then.

  4. Sweet Mo...so exhausting keeping up the image of big dog. Hope he had wonderful puppy dreams!

  5. I love that you take him to the dog park! He looks just like the big dogs - same attitude (strong and silent-ish)

  6. Oh, what a fun day he must have had! Sometimes children are the wisest aren't they? Looks like Mo did well for himself, even though he chose this "big" dogs!


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