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Sunday, December 27, 2015

Christmas Past

I hung up this crib quilt,
since you all thought I should display more quilts!
Hi! I hope everyone has been having a delightful holiday! Did Santa bring you just what you wanted? [he brought me pale pearl grey UGGs! with bows! via my kids, I was thrilled.]

This post is for friends and family who asked what I served for the holiday meals. We celebrate both days---first, Christmas Eve is for me and my children. We always have a big platter of antipasto for nibbling, as we open our gifts.

Dinner is my homemade lasagna, with homemade sauce of course. This year I simplified, with a less-heirloom tablecloth and festive paper napkins. For dessert we have Christmas cookies. This year I made the pecan snowballs and peppermint sugar cookies.[ only so-so].

A pretty, shimmery candle, some old-fashioned ornaments...

Christmas Day is bigger, for extended family and friends. Everyone is invited for 4-ish, to join us in a champagne toast. I made another snack tray, this was cheeses and fruits. We open gifts again.

I just wear khaki capris or jeans, a black t-shirt, red clogs and I always wear my special candy cane apron---from my dad---to cook, and, on it I always wear my vintage rhinestone Christmas Tree pin, from my mom who found it at the Wellfleet  flea years ago.

Dinner is at 6, to accommodate the early diners/ travelers. The table is redecorated, with a treasured Swedish linen cloth, hand embroidered with reindeer and trees and stars. A Swedish red and green linen runner, greenery, a snowball candle from my brother and SIL. I again kept things a bit simple, not multi-courses with many plates and confusing silverware. Just my Wedgwood Christmas plates [modern, 1990?].

The menu was:
Prime rib with horseradish crust, gravy &/ or creamy horseradish sauce

Potato tart [mashed potatoes, white cheddar, bacon, scallions].
Roasted brussel sprouts

creamed baby onions 
stuffed mushrooms.

A friend brings all the wines; Champagne, pinot noire.

For dessert another friend brought 
peppermint brownies and vanilla bean ice cream. 
I also put put bowls of traditional candy---
marzipan fruit , red and green Cadbury

Grand Marnier/ Tea. 

roast doesn't look so good here but it was excellent!

We had so much fun, happiness and laughter.

new froggies! from Costa Rica

Mo got good prezzies and only threw up twice.

It was very warm, dense fog AND rain, so the party broke up early. All evening we could hear the fog horns moaning, warning ships of the islands in the fog.

These were taken on my late evning walk with Mo, looking for the Christmas full moon in the fog.

Handmade presents are a personal tradition of mine, from my family, who made gifts such as my Ark each year. I love making presents, the planning and thinking of what will please my friends or family. I made these mug rugs for close girlfriends. They aren't quilters or patchwork lovers, they like things plain, beachy, modern. I used a coastal linen, just outline quilted the large motifs.

I found these cool mugs,

added teas or hot chocolate,

a little descriptive tag. [Used a tag on Pinterest for the copy.]

The other gift I made was recycled sweater pillows.

You may recall I found them at the thrift shop a few months ago, washed and felted the sweaters. They came out great! Soooo soft.

So that's the story! I am still doing dishes and washing slipcovers [again]; the house is quiet. Mo and I are enjoying the peaceful days again.



gone  to the beach...


  1. Your mug-rugs and mugs came out so nice, I bet your friends loved them! And the pillows look so comfy. I like the snowflake pillow, too, but it doesn't look like it would be very comfortable to lounge on, LOL. Your table always looks nice and your meal sounds great, I'm glad all went well. Great times, now time to kick back and relax a little! Any peppermint brownies left over (that sounded good, how did they taste?)?

    So, I'll start it early....do you have a New Year's resolution?

    1. My New Years resolution is to take mo to the dog park more often

      I think the snowflake pillow is from pier one. It s velvet, they cN flip it over for softness I love it!

  2. Sounds like a wonderful Christmas! All of the food looked delicious and the table so festive.

    Your pillows turned out great. I especially like the grey.

    The moon-rise here was spectacular, it looked HUGE! We had a busy, but fun day. Mimosas with neighbors in the morning, and for dinner, duck breast with raspberry sauce, roasted potatoes with turnips, steamed green beans, carrots, and broccoli. Apple cake and biscotti for dessert. Good food, great company! I think the day after Christmas is fast becoming my favorite day of the year...so quiet and calm. Nothing to do if you don't want to :)


  3. Your menu for Christmas Eve and Day looked wonderful! Love the mug gifts..My Dad passed away last year so this was our first Christmas without him. While cleaning out his house I found the apron he always wore on Christmas Eve. It says "To hell with calories!" Of course I wore it on Christmas Eve to everyone's delight. A new tradition is born!

    1. Cathy, sorry about your Dad. Brought a smile when I read about the apron though. He must have been a real character. -Kelley

  4. Wow!Everything looks so wonderful. I love your gifts, especially your sweater pillows. What a great idea! I will have to store that idea away for the future. Have a peaceful week and a Happy New Year! :) Kit

  5. Simply beautiful. The rug mugs are on my "things to steal for next year" idea list.

    We had our traditional Christmas tacos.

    (We've had tacos for Christmas dinner since 1982. It was my mom's requested dinner the last Christmas she was with us.)

    Are the origins of our traditions amazing? Each one so unique and special.

    I hope you're having a great week.

    Happy New Year.



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