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Sunday, November 29, 2015

Thanksgiving Pictures and the Thanksgiving Flea

Hi everyone! Now I know we're maybe a little tired of leftovers right now, but I did promise to show you all my food and table. The weather was amazing! I don't make this stuff up. Definitely an evening for our first glass of wine out on the deck at sunset.

Then, light the candles on the table:

Mel & Kelley mentioned  they wouldn't have time to walk on the beach when expecting holiday guests. My answer is--first, I make a lot of lists, including what has to be completed each day before the holiday. And this year I listened to Mel and asked my various guests to bring some of the food.  This worked out really well. And they brought the food in lovely serving dishes, another big help.

Mushrooms with spinach/ ricotta/ parm stuffing.

Roasted brussels sprouts with bacon and pine nuts.

An assortment of wine.

Including this lovely French rose for me, as I don't like red wine.

I did just the turkey and gravy.

And roasted butternut squash with apples, cranberries,  and pumpkin seeds.

Creamed onions.

Stuffing [cornbread and chestnuts.]

The turkey was very moist and tender. I had a nice amount of leftovers to share and send home with my guests.
I forgot to take a picture of the amazing pumpkin cheesecake from LK! We ate it ALL, it was amazing. She even brought whipped cream.

Today was cooler but sunny and nice. The flea was bustling but the junk was, well, junky. The dealers need new stuff! I was looking for old pink or silver ornaments, but no.
There was a fun turkey platter! Modern? maybe Italian?

and a booth with unusual and very lovely India textiles, similar to my Thanksgiving table runner, which is a patchwork  of embroidered sari remnants.

Let's hope next week, maybe the last!?, has better pickings.



gone to the beach..........

PS: The Goose Family.

The parents have their wings around Baby, but c'mon! Give the little guy a bow. Yeesh.

''oooh, yummy! Mommy put the turkey bones in the garbage
and I GOT INTO it and ate and ate and ate.
Now I have a turkey hangover.
Don't tell!''


  1. Mo, naughty boy. I hope he is feeling okay by now. Your table is so pretty!! I kept mine pretty casual this year.
    The food and recipes sound delicious!!

  2. Oh, Mo! :) Your plates and decorations are all so lovely. Always helps to let others pitch in rather than trying to do everything yourself. Have a great new week!

  3. I'm glad Mo didn't get choked on a bone! Maybe next time promise him a little meat, LOL. It looks like someone swiped a mushroom before the picture! I don't blame them, they look yummy. It all does!

    We had two gatherings to go to, and tons of food, but somehow I didn't end up with much in the way of leftovers!! Hubby is complaining because he didn't get his fill of bug-eye salad, so now I may have to make another batch.

    Your table is always so pretty! I'd be jealous, but I know I'm just plain too lazy to go to that much trouble!

    Very happy it all worked out nicely. Helpful friends make hosting SO much more fun! Thanks for sharing!

  4. Such a lovely table! And the food is making me very hungry right now and I am going to bed. I adore brussel sprouts! So glad you had such a wonderful holiday and those temps, wow! We were at around 10° and with snow on the ground.
    Did Mo really get into the turkey bones?..LOL Have a great week. Kit

  5. I'll start with that little scamp Mo...good thing he didn't do any real damage to his little self. Think he learned his lesson...probably not ;)

    Ohhhh, the Goose family. I do feel better that at least it looks like they try to make it seem like Baby is part of the family, sort of. AND you're right, why didn't they think to do a ribbon at least. It would have gone a long way. Maybe something is coming? I haven't walked in the neighborhood where I 'think' I saw a pair. Have to get on that.

    Hard to believe that next week might be the last flea of the year.

    Lucky duck with your warm Thanksgiving temps. What a treat to start the festivities on the deck. The table looked so sparkly and pretty. The dishes, the silverware, the mercury? candle, the table runner, all of it! Then the food, yummy. Did you have a favorite dish? I always give the same advice Mel does, but somehow I don't follow it myself.
    And I do make lists, I just forget that I've made them ;)

    As always, thank you so much for sharing your day. I love seeing how others celebrate.


    1. Hi Kel! I m glad you enjoyed the pictures. I think my favorite TG food is---either turkey w good gravy or, and I know this is weird---the brussel sprouts!

      Yes, mercury glass candle holder, a thrifted find. I think the tag on it ws TJ Maxx tho.

      I m a list maker. I have tohave my lists or I can t function. It s the writing it down for me that works, then I actually don t have to look at the list. Phone lists don t work that way...but at least they re there when you get tot he store.

      Have a good week, I hope the weather is okay?


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