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Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Dressing Up for October

Hi guys! The cold spell earlier this week finally got me going on my October home dress up. Probably won't keep the brilliant tomato soup orange pillows til Thanksgiving. I'll see how long I can tolerate them. Right now I like them a lot, the rooms just seem so cheery when I walk in.

Lots of things you've seen before. But every year it's all a bit different too.

Even Mo gets an autumn quilt for his crate.

This is my white pumpkin, on a blue transferware plate. I like to keep some small spots of my usual calmer blue and white.

Restful little corners....

I love anything woodland-y, things like moss and fallen leaves and acorns. I got this  great garland somewhere, on sale, maybe...Joann's. Acorns and oak leaves.

But it can't stay. Someone finds the acorns much too fascinating and oddly yummy, as I think they re just some sort of plaster-y material.

My ''drieds''. I collect interesting pods and seeds and berries all summer and fall.

In the winter I'll put the sunflower seed heads out in the dunes, for the birds and little animals.

As Autumn progresses I  will keep the mercury glass and brown tones, the sepiaware plates, the drieds. And perhaps switch out the pillows and quilts for soft tan and grey.  I love these pillows, so...maybe?
Ellis Pillow in Grey:
Hannah Pillow in Gray
thrift shop sweater pillow?
Sand Dollar Pillow

[all from Joss & Main]

How do you dress up your house---or yourself---for October?



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  1. Love your soft colors and the cheery bits too. You have a very cozy way of decorating! My living room is done in fall colors all the year long. I get a bit weary of it come springtime, but it doesn't last long enough for me to ever do anything about it.:)

  2. Everything is just too cute.

    Love Mo stretching over from the couch to the table to sniff the pumpkin. What a little scamp.

    Still and always decorated for summer. It just coordinates so well with all the sand. LOL.

    I hope you're having a great week.


  3. LOVE looking at all these photos of your home - so tasteful and beautiful!

  4. I LOVE the mercury glass pumpkins!

    I don't do much for any season, only do a little at Christmas anymore (well, until grandson is older anyway). I think it's cool that you do and I love that you share it with us!

    I like the sweater-pillow, that would be fun to make. Ugly thrift sweaters might be sweet as pillows! Even pilly old wool ones might be fun - you could felt them first, then make pillows or coasters. I myself lean to grays, but I think where you live, with all the white, you might need something colorful as an accent or it would look kind of cold. Maybe a soft rose or cranberry thing? Or amethyst?

    Oh, Mo! Eating plastic nuts? I can't say much, as Spook tends to eat silk flowers...

    Great pictures. I especially like the leaf and the sunset with the hedges. And the little orange pumpkin with the long twisted stem made me smile!

  5. I love the mercury glass pumpkins too.

    I made Xmas gift throw pillows one year, felted thrifted wool sweaters in Xmassy colors, one was almost a plaid knit the other a fair isle..felted them...appliqued wool mooses and bears and trees. They were cool. But I think the cable solid woolies would look nice and so cozy. My thrifting friend is coming next week, maybe we ll find sweaters on our outing.

    I agree about grey in my house, it can look sad. I love the idea of purple or amethyst, I ve never had that. Velvet!

  6. The house looks great! I like the splash of fun that the orange pillows bring. I love your mercury pumpkins. Have you ever told us where you got them? And the little orange pumpkin with the curved stem looks like it could start talking to you. It has a lot of personality.

    I like that you think to put the sunflower heads out in the dunes for the birds to nibble on. Nothing wasted.

    Great shot of the sunset at the end of the walkway.

    Have a great weekend,


    1. Hi Kel! The mercury glass pumpkins are from Marshall's and Home Goods. Very inexpensive, but so fun.

      Have a good weekend!

  7. I love seeing your home decor! I just purchased a used book with Humble Spirits prim applique. It is so cute!


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