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Sunday, September 13, 2015

Back to School Clothes.

Hi! Even a mom needs a few new clothes for back to school time, right? Now, this post comes with a disclaimer. Despite my fashion background I am not a fashionista type, I buy my clothes online at LL Bean or Lands End, or at local places like Target or Costco [great cheap tees!]. But by September everything in my laundry basket looks a little too bright, a little bit worn. Autumn won't be here soon, it's very hot here and the ocean keeps it that way---but I love it when I find a few new things for Fall wearing.

First up is ''sleeveless shells'' aka sleeveless tee shirts from LL Bean. These are not tank tops, they're more tailored, with a high round neck and high armholes. The fabric is a very soft yet sturdy pima cotton. I loved the black one I got last year so this year for fall I added three new one. They don't look great together, but singly with khaki shorts, they look just fine

A deep apple red, dark plum, and a cool non-color , a taupe or greige, called ''Ledge".

Then more fashion-y scores at Target. I love anything Boho or peasant blouse styled. These two tops are thin and soft, silky rayon. Beautifully made! 19.99 each.

If they wash okay they'll look great all fall over a tank top with jeans or cargoes.
 Cutwork pleated fronts and tassels, oh my.

I even saw similar tops late summer at the beach. Very chic on top of a bikini, it seems.

The black is "tribal", maybe---or a bit Aunt Sadie at the Bar Mitzvah? But I think it will show off my turquoise jewelry nicely,and worn with the right jeans will look more modern.

Speaking of cargoes--yes, I always look for cargo pants. I don't carry a purse, just a wristie, and I need places to stash car remotes, grocery lists, phone, shells and sea glass, etc. I do love cargo pants! These grey utility pants were in Target's men's department. I'm tall and men's pants fit me well.

Also from Target, this big long boyfriend or Mr Rogers cardi.

It is thin and soft and a lovely shade of of baby poo mustard gold [not heaven forbid, camel]. I actually love this color on me for fall. I'll layer it under my thrift shop tweed jacket I found last winter.

From JJ Jill, cute soft roll-up khakis called something like---um---Sonora Desert pants? Havana pants? I hope more come in stock because I like them a lot, though again, shallow pockets. Any suggestions [Mel?] about shallow pockets? My cell falls out when I sit down.

And last, apropos of nothing, I must show the little Dresses for Bolivia that my friend L and I made this weekend. Aren't they soooo cute!

It was a fun and easy project. Online ''pillowcase dress'' pattern and remnants from Joann's since neither L nor I stock yardage of cotton fabric.

Mo helped, of course. From his perch in the striped shirtings box.

A couple notes, though maybe I should put this on Lori's FB page instead: we put the seam at one side  instead of in the back. That way the child, or children if the garment is handed down, have two ''fronts'' to use. And the instructions call for very skimpy shoulder straps/ ties. I cut mine 45" not 38". Why skimp, the 3 yards of packaged binding only is enough for one dress anyway. And I used 1/2" elastic so it is sturdier.
I loved picturing these dresses being worn by a real child who might love her dress from far away, here at the beach. Made with love.



gone to the beach

from the new, just-finished Jack Reacher [Lee Child] book:

"The sky was a rinsed blue, like an old shirt washed a thousand times."


  1. Lovely sky quote at the end. That Mo is such a cutie! Sweet little dresses for Bolivia. I love the Boho style. Told my kids I want to be a hippy chick now and they said I'm too old for that. Ha! I'm changing my style yet again since I'm not working. Definitely some Boho and for sure all about comfort. Have a great week.

    1. I want to be a hippy chick too! I can just see the kids' eye rolls,lol.

  2. Yes, have to start with the little dresses first! So cute, and great idea to put the seam on the side! I also love how they look hanging on the fence/gate. That's a Pinterest photo for sure.

    Good quote about the color of the sky...how is the book?

    Well, guess I'm taking myself to Target soon to get myself some of those cute tops. I tend toward that style too...and you're right about dressing them up with jewelry. Sadly, I am not one for wearing jewelry, but I always admire it on others. I remember your tweed jacket find from last year. I never got myself one, but I did find a nice, lined corduroy blazer at the thrift store.

    Thanks for sharing!


    1. I hope you find something cute at Target! Thanks for Pinterest reminder, I ll add that pic somewhere.
      PS The book was good, I always love to spend a couple days in Reacher's world [tho gruesome and violent sometimes. I squint and skip over.]. Love reading Reacher's thought processes.

  3. Love the boho style shirts! I seriously need to clean out my closet and get rid of the stuff I'm just not ever gonna wear again!

    1. My closets are full of quilts and fabric, lol. Not so much clothes.

  4. Love your clothes finds! I may have to go see what our Target has. Last time I was there it seemed like Junior sizes had taken over...

    Your dresses turned out very nice, so cute! I think my favorite is the one with blueberries on it. Or maybe the blue and white floral print. They all look good, and I'm with you on putting the seam on the side! Much more practical!

    There may be a way to 'fix' the shallow pockets - depends on how they're made, though. I'll write to you on regular e-mail.

    Have a good week!

  5. Thanks for pocket info! Yes the blueberries dess is my fave too. It s the smallest one so the short shape looks really cute, I think.


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