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Sunday, August 23, 2015


Hello, hello!

August just seems to roll on endlessly, doesn't it. The summer days have acquired a sameness, a routine, dare I call it a bit of tedium? Picnic, BBQ, afternoon swim. Sandy floors and wet beach towels. Day after day of heat and sunshine.
Summer will last here through the end of September, there is no point is talking about crisp air and frost on pumpkins. Not til November usually. School here never ever starts til after Labor Day. And is only held in a desultory fashion though the September Jewish holidays.

But who is complaining!? Not me. Endless summer is fine with me.

Swimsuit. Shorts and tank top. Flip flops. Pony tail. I can be dressed and out the door in seconds. Remember winter's layers? It took me ten minutes to suit up for Mo's long walks.

I did begin drying ''botanicals'' to fill autumn bowls with a hint of fragrance.

Tiny roses that self-dried in their vase. Orange peels. Sunflower heads.

Last year's gourds still hanging patiently in the corner, well-dried by now.

On our walks I've been eyeing the drying hydrangea heads on neighbors' shrubs. I wouldn't dare just snip them off but I might ask if I see them being pruned. The other night Mo and I peeked through a park fence and saw this lovely sight!

A sunset wedding at the beach, in August. A perfect setting.  The gowns match the park kiosks, I see.

A new neighbor has this Nantucket basket on her bike. How cool is this! Right now I don't have a bike but it is on my wish list and I would def need a basket just like this. Nantucket Bike Baskets

Here are my August Pokeberry blocks:

Black-eyed Susans in an old crock is finished. I'm quite pleased, though on close inspection I see the design is a bit too symmetrical..

Not so sure about the robin's nest and apple blossom wreath.

I trimmed down and repositioned the leaves after I saw this photo. I think it will be okay....

Now my friend brought me his just-harvested giant--enormous!---sunflower to try to dry.

It measures almost 15" across and must weigh 15 pounds.

He pulled out most of the rest of the sunflowers...we're having fun, imagining the seed heads sprouting next year, and the landfill will be covered with giant sunflowers. Maybe? It could happen.

If the giant head dries nicely I hope for a display like this one from my Pinterest board.

image via Pinterest

Mo wants me to play! So I'll say goodnight. Have a wonderful week.



gone to the beach...


  1. Hello! I loved this post! So August - y! Love your bowl full of plant goodness. :) I am getting ready to go back to work and I am so excited! Always love your ocean picts. Keep them coming. Kit

    1. I have a video for you too, if I can ever get it to load.

  2. Cool pics of your dried bits in the bowl - do you add cloves? I love your black-eyed Susans and chicory in the crock block, I don't think it's too anything!

    The peek at the beach wedding was nice, the dresses looked cool and floaty - wonder if the color match was intentional??? Although that color looked appropriately beachy.
    Enjoy your long summer, it'll be cold again long before we're ready for it!!

    1. Thanks, I like the blackeyed susans block too. And I think the robin s nest will look cute in the end.

      I don t think the gowns matched the kiosks on purpose,lol. It wwasn t the same venue, the buildings were in the next park over.

  3. I, too, think the black-eyed susans look just fine. You're too critical. You're really moving along.

    Whenever I happen upon a wedding, or just come across a wedding party that is using the beach for their photos, it stops me in my tracks. I must stop and stare until I feel like I am imposing and then I finally move along.

    August is going on forever isn't it? No complaint from me either. It can take as long as it wants :)

    Oh, wouldn't it be fun if the landfill was covered in sunflowers next year! Let's all hope.


    1. I love seeing beach weddings. So brave! Wind whipping gowns and hair, humidity frizzing and drooping same, sand blowing gulls pooping. Thunderstorms looming. This wedding had a near perfect evening.


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