I wiped away the weeds & foam. / I fetched my sea-born treasures home... Ralph Waldo Emerson

Monday, July 13, 2015

Beach Days

Hello, hello! How was your weekend? We set out Sunday morning for a special treat---a visit to our big town's boardwalk craft fair. Our mission was to buy sea glass earrings, garden decorations, and junky fair food to bring to the beach for lunch.

I know better. But it sounded so fun. About a hundred thousand other people thought it sounded fun too. sigh. It took is 40 minutes to drive the six miles to the town beach parking lot. Of course the lots were all filled and policemen, who looked hot and unhappy, were shooing people away. I can't imagine what you'd do if you lived there, it must be awful.

My own beach, however, never disappoints. We did have a bit of excitement, as interlopers came onto our beach, a big noisy party, with a DOG! gasp. Cops came on those wheelie bikes/ trikes and made them go away. Neighbors were huffyt---the folks in question made themselves non grata by the noise and the liquor.[and minuscule dog, maybe a Yorkie?]. Had they been respectful of our beach I'm sure they would have been politely ignored.

Peace resumed.  The sand and water are very clear and clean and pristine at the moment.

Just a few swags of interesting seaweed. 
Lettuce kelp. Looks edible, doesn't it? Sushi wrappers.

Bladder kelp with mussels.

See the little football shaped ''bladders''? They are filled with air and make the kelp float upright. And a mussel. Yum?

Hope your day was peaceful too. And that no one called the police.



gone to the beach.....


also "Summertime" quilt

It's been a bit neglected. But I love it. Finished the baskets except for 40 leaves and 8 buds. Still have to sew the Nine Patch corners and black Kitty.

This is Baskets with center panel. The next installment is gonna be a b&^%ch! So I better get busy. lol.


  1. Love the quilt!!
    Too bad about the crowds.

  2. I imagine the folks who live by the boardwalk stock up early and hunker down until the crowds go away...! Did you get to actually look around? Find anything good? Sorry to hear about the rude people on your beach and glad they got scooted off peacefully.

    What is the dark green smooth seaweed? Kelp, too? It's a pretty color! The bladder kelp is interesting in an ick way, LOL. The mussel hanging on was kind of funny. I'm sure they're good but only one wouldn't be enough! Do you eat ANY kind of seafood?

    I LOVE the pug dog on the center panel of the quilt! I don't envy you all the sewing of leaves, etc, though. It'll be wonderful when it's all finished! You're 'sew' busy this summer with projects, it's nice to see you feeling so good!

    Have a good day at the beach!

    1. No we couldn t park anywhere. I should have had sommeone drop us off.
      We call the smooth green seaweed Lettuce Kelp. I ll have to look it up tho, I m not sure that s right.
      I gave myself permission to machine applique the Summertime quilt's leaves. It s a huge relief,lol.
      I don t eat seafood and I certainly wouldn t eat washed ashore seafood, but I have a neighbor, an Italian woman who is a fantastic classic Italian cook, and she harvests both musssels and clams from our beach. No one has died yet.

    2. The smooth green seaweed is Ulva or Sea Lettuce, the other is Bladder wrack. Both are edible! Neither is ''kelp'' tho that is what we call them.


  3. Ugh, crowds! Sorry you didn't make it to your destination. Maybe your new sea glass earrings will be found elsewhere, or maybe you'll make them yourself.

    I really like the summer quilt, it's coming along.

    Well, no one called the cops on me, but I was pulled over for the first time in years. For of all things, stopping at a GREEN light. I admit it, I was distracted, and the left arrow light had turned red, which is what I saw. I'm sure he thought I was texting, or talking on the phone or something. He ended up being nice after the initial tongue lashing and didn't give me a ticket. Thank you officer.

    Haha, glad to hear that no one has died after eating your local seafood!

    Oh, we enjoyed some peach margaritas over the weekend. Thought of you :)

    Summer on Lizzy,


  4. ohmigosh, I did the same thing today. Stopped at a green light, lalalalala. Almost drove thru the red light then when it changed. No cops tho, so I was redfaced in solitude.

    Peach margaritas! Yummy! Must have soon.

    1. Oh my gosh, we MUST be more mindful of our surroundings.


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