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Monday, May 4, 2015

Spring Gardening

Hi! Is everybody all sore and cranky from doing the spring yard work this weekend?  Here at the beach I don't have a garden, one thing I always regret about my beloved little home. Instead I have very large pots on my deck which I fill with flowers and herbs, even shrubs like a hydrangea now and then. But this year I think I will have no flowers at all or only one large tub [because of Mo's destructiveness.] I want to sit out and relax, not be yelling Bad dog! No! all summer.

Last week I moved all my lilies and perennials to a friend's garden. He redid his backyard , mostly now a deck, with two flower beds that we have so far planted  with grasses and tropicals like elephant ears and caladium , and my lilies and lavender.
Perfect relationship: I point, he digs!
We put sunflower seeds along his grey back fence and today we decided I'll plant tiny petunias and,

bad photo but I love these w stripey centers

...under the cherry tree, black heucherra [sp?]. [these are red, but similar.]

Last week my other friend L and I went to the garden center to check out what we might like. She has a big yard, but it is professionally landscaped, so like me she was just looking.
We love going to this garden center because they specialize in fairy gardens or miniature gardens; also terrariums.

 They have many items and ideas for...beach fairies. Beer! Sandcastles, Teeny tiny fairy flipflops.

The items are very expensive. 9.99 for a beach chair! 11.99 for a seagull on post! Whoa. Definitely just looking.

And so adorable.

I'm not sure I want a fairy scene. I am envisioning more of a tiny scrap of woodland recreated in my glass terrarium case. I have a mushroom I made, and I treated myself to a set of red polka dot fairy mushrooms like these.

I think I'll have space for my Wardian case / terrarium in my new craft area. The room gets northern light all day but no sun. [no sun is good for terrariums].
L made one of the glass bubble hanging fairy gardens! It came out sooo perfectly.

Look at the tiny berries and cups. The little blue marble gazing ball.

Her theme is ''Come into my garden for tea." I think it's wonderful. She is now in charge of planting my terrarium, I hope.

I got myself a pot of geraniums for my back steps. Put them in the old pink butter crock. They're so cheery and hopeful on a cold spring day.

So far Mo has ignored the geraniums. But he got my egg collection on the dining room table. I found him there, oh so proud. His own Mount Everest, conquered at last.

A quilt note: The Flags quilt is back from the quilter! She did a beeee-u-tiful job. I don't mind sewing the binding but I'm not looking forward to sewing all those dozens of buttons / stars. [shudder]. How is you Flags quilt coming? All done?  [if indeed you made one...lol.] I put it in the closet for next fall.



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  1. Aww, so cute, the miniature garden, as is L's little bubble. It really is special. You'd be lucky to have her design your terrarium. Can't wait to see it!

    The pink geraniums are perfect in the pink butter crock...just perfect. How are the tropical plants doing at your friend's place? I look forward to seeing the sunflowers blooming against the grey fence.

    Oh Mo! You knew it was coming though :) Do you think the eggs were too irresistible?

    I don't think I did any yard work this weekend. Some cat stuff, and we attended a birthday party for a one year old. He dove into his tiny little cake sans hands. It was perfect.

    Did you have a good view of the "Flower Moon"?


    1. The Flower Moon was gorgeous...peachy pink and big! The dunes glow blue-white in the moonlight. The full moon made a very low tide and my son found a lot of cool seaglass at the golf course, of all places. [there s a little beach there behind the sandtrap]. I wish I could go.

  2. Now I am jealous! My quilt is at the quilters and she had a bit of a family emergency so the timeline has been pushed back, which is okay. I love seeing yours with the fans.
    The terrarium is a fun idea.

  3. Mo is SUCH a character!! You gotta watch him all the time! Maybe you could ask a greenhouse employee which plants are icky to dogs? Won't hurt them but taste or smell bad to them? The greenhouse that specializes in terrarium/fairy garden plants sounds very fun! I'd think it'd be even more fun to find or make your own decorations, though. You're creative enough to do that! You could make your own sandcastle out of cardboard or wood (popsicle sticks?) and just coat it with glue and sand, decorate it with tiny shells, etc. Polymer clay is easy to work with, too, and could be used for many colorful things...

    Your flag quilt did come out wonderful! And funnily enough, that quilting pattern looks like the one my mom did by hand! I don't envy you sewing on all those buttons, though, good call to leave that for a fall project!

    Tell L I love her terrarium and I'll look forward to seeing YOURS when you get it done!

  4. Oh, just a thought -- couldn't you use 'dollhouse' furnishings like china sets and chairs instead of the expensive 'fairy' ones? Or are they just as pricy? I haven't looked at Hobby Lobby or the like lately, but I know anything with 'fairy' attached is usually more money...


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