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Sunday, May 31, 2015

Saturday Farmers Market: The Big Cheese and Other Goodies

Hi! This short week went so fast! (As did the month of May.)  I missed the Wednesday farmers market, had to run to Target for a new deck table. Today dawned with dense fog and a heavy wet chill but by noon the sun was shining and I made a quick run to the farmers market for weekend treats.

The market is still a bit sparse. This week was mostly herbs---

Salad in a pot! How fun.

Baked goods. I think this is such a cute and smart idea. The cookies are sold in little bags of four cookies. Who can resist, just 4!? And so many flavors to choose from.[next time!]

And cheeses.

This is my new favorite seller.

I tried his Camembert a few weeks ago and it was delicious. He has a display case in which he features large wheels of artisan cheese. He's very friendly and knowledgeable and shaves off tidbits for folks to try. Besides the Camembert I got a new to me semi hard cheese that is filled with hot peppers and spices. Hot and zesty with a hint of caraway and dill. $$$ but exceptional. Next time I'll buy a bigger wedge and a block of his nutty ''alpine'' cheese.

I resisted the herbs but picked up a small lavender plant.

All my lavender has died, this winter was so harsh.

And I snuck a small black basil. in my solo deck pot with the petunias.

This is a little goofy but I was adventurous at the wine maker's booth. I waffled between a rose' and a sauvignon blanc but he suggested this interesting apple ''champagne'' to go with my cheeses. I never drink and drive but he too was passing out thimble sized tastes of his wines and I was sold. I'll let you know what my guests and friends think. I'm pretty sure I love it. [NOT sweet, crisp and dry yet fruity]. It would be lovely for a harvest dinner, like Thanksgiving, too.

At 12.oo a bottle his wines aren't something I can stock up on or buy one of each. Plus it's fun to choose a different wine each time.

It can't be May without asparagus. The season is so short. I buy it every week.

And an heirloom tomato or two to dice and toss with fresh garlic, olive oil and arugula with artisanal pasta.

Sounds delish!?

Of course Mo got his weekly treat. I must bring him to try on this lady's handmade sweaters. I just can't figure out how I'll juggle my groceries and Mo at the same time.I need to find him a doggy stroller on Craigslist, I think. LOL.

Hope you've had  a lovely weekend!



gone to the beach....



  1. Nice market finds! Nothing like fresh bubbly, cheese, veggies and flowers!

  2. Such gorgeous pictures! Beautiful blue flowers! I too like the 'salad in a pot' idea, great for small spaces if you have enough sun. I've never been very adventurous with cheeses, not sure why, but I enjoy hearing about the ones you try. The apple 'champagne' sounds very interesting! Please keep us updated on which wines you try and if they're good (might want to keep a list of your faves for yourself, too - I can't remember names for anything when I go to buy!).

    Your veggies and pasta made me hungry even though I just had my dinner!

    Hmm, mint and parsley Mo treats - they're both supposed to be good for 'doggy breath' I think. Hopefully he'll find them yummy.

    The sandpipers look as if they were posing for you, too. Very nice clear picture. Always so nice, makes it feel like we were there!

    Oh, and I want to know what the 'cowboy cat' cookies are!! (I like their signs - chalkboard tiles?)

    Thanks for sharing your day with us!

    1. I made the pasta tonight. Handmade spaghetti but any would be fine...toss w cut up asparagus, tomatoes, small mozzarella balls, garlic, olive oil and a big handful of arugula. Shaved Parm. DEEE lish!

  3. It all looks and sounds delicious. Yummy! I like the sound of the cheese with hot peppers and spices. Let us know :)



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