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Saturday, May 9, 2015

Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day---to everyone, whether your kids are honoring you or you're remembering your own mom. My mom's been gone for awhile now. I don't think a day has gone by when I don't think of her. I still miss her so much.

I began this blog in her memory, because I missed our letters and shared journals and phone calls. She never ''got into'' computers and the Internet but I like to think she'd enjoy my posts here, if she was able to read them and see my photos. Who knows...maybe she's up there on Heaven's deck, in her shorts and tank top, sharing a beer with my dad and shaking her head at my folly. "I don't need a machine to see you, now do I?"

May's flowering trees always make me think of my parents. My dad planted dogwood trees for my mom when each of us children were born and each year after that, on Mother's Day he'd add a new flowering shrub or tree to our yard. He wasn't being entirely altruistic, he loved his yard and garden and collection of exotic trees and greenery. We moved a few times, so he never ran out of space.

In the Midwest we had apple trees and magnolias, then later in the prairie: white peach trees and Bradford pears, in Cape Cod were azaleas and hydrangeas and so many other beautiful plantings. I hope the trees are still there.

The shadblow is blooming in the marshes verges and on the dunes this week. (beach hawthorn)

And the geese should be out with their babies tomorrow, they always appear on Mother's Day. These are brants, though, not Canadians. Brants nest in the far North, so no babies when Mo and I visited earlier.

So---love and good wishes, to all. Happy Mother's Day, mom.

Mo in the dandelions. Yum.

\What!? I didn't eat it. 


  1. Happy Mother's Day to you, too!

    Shortly after we moved into this house I planted 6 trees - 4 I bought and 2 I transplanted out of my in-laws flowerbeds. One purchased and the two transplants were very small but lived; the other purchased ones were about my height (not very tall, LOL) but all but one lived. Just yesterday I was looking at them and wondering when they got so big!

    I hope your dad's trees are still there and blooming, and that good memories of both your parents live on.

  2. Wonderful Mother's Day post. Very touching to read about your family's traditions. Next time I'm enjoying a cold beer, I'll lift my glass to your folks.


  3. What a lovely tribute to your Mom (and Dad as well!)! I know she would love your blog!! I had to laugh at Mo's reaction..lol


  4. Thanks everyone! I m glad you liked my reminiscences. I don t know if my dad's flowering trees remain but last time I was in Cape Cod I saw his blue spruce tree towering over the potato garden in the front yard. He brought it rom Steamboat Springs Colorado, just a tiny sprig in his briefcase. Many years ago. He loved freebie souvenirs.


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