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Friday, April 10, 2015

Foggy with a Hint of Daffodils

Hi. Dense fog advisory here today!

It's actually not all that dense but gloomy and I miss my view.

Everyday Mo and I go out looking for signs of spring. hahaha. Hope springs eternal.

We stop off at my friends' garden where last fall I planted daffodils for them. The daffs were supposed to be a bright springtime treat when they got home from their long days in the city. The other day, finally!, an itty bitty green shoot appeared.

We'll be lucky if these daffs bloom before we plant their summer garden. These are slooooow daffs. "Late-bloomers"?

Mo has a snuggle on their cushy loungers---

Then we wander around looking at other folks' gardens and yards. A few hopeful spots are emerging....

Daffodils in a sunny southern facing spot.

I love these tiny fragile crocuses, in their shades of blue.

This is a curly willow that peeks over a fence. No catkins or even buds yet.

But the forsythia wants to bust into bloom despite the cold.

Our prettiest find are these lichens on the alley fences.

So unusual!

Don't the flowers look like the tiniest red toadstools?

Id love to harvest a few bits of lichen for  the terrarium I am planning. [like the Wardian cases at the flower show last month]. But maybe the people would object? Or think I'm a nutcase?

We did get shooed away from the koi pond! How sad and embarrassing.

 It was a bit upsetting, as I love visiting the koi.

See the blue koi with the black polka dots! So handsome. And the harlequin patterned, and the ''white''  one.  He's pale peach really.  They're the biggest of the group, maybe the oldest? The others are mostly big too, you can see all their shades of orange.

We'll go back anyway, it's a public sidewalk! But maybe no lichen snitching.....
Back home the antique quilt redo is coming along nicely. [the ripples will iron out, no worries].

I want to make it quiltable, and fairly square but I don't want to take it entirely apart and redo it with ideas of 21st century perfection. The original maker was so thrifty, and quirky. Her hand sewing is immaculate then she got tired of that about halfway through the sashing and switched to machine sewing. Her main issue for me is that she used the bias edge on the outside of the Chimney Sweep blocks, and she had major stretching problems. No one ever told her to measure the sashings, nope, she just sewed 'em on. I had to use a repro ditsy print / shirting here to add to the sashing. It matches better in real life.

 The quilter made no attempt not to cut off points either And I'm finding tiny mends, even darned spots, squares pieced of bits of fabric no bigger than my fingernail.

It's so fun---a mystery, a challenge.

Have a good weekend.



......gone to the beach

The blue and white quilt behind Mo is from
the same flea dealer, who  told me the quilts
[and the blue polka dot star quilt]
came from the same owner/ family home.
To me the two blue quilts look newer,
1920-1950? How I wish I knew their stories.


  1. Oh, the blue quilt is beautiful. It looks newer to me, too.

    Mean koi neighbor. Too bad he doesn't have happier things to do. I always feel sorry for people who feel like that. Some of the koi here are worth thousands of dollars, but he could certainly see that you and Mo were respectful and kind. What a bully.

    Daffodils are my favorite. I have met a person here who has tried for 10 years to get daffodils to grow here. For some reason they simply will not grow.

    Take care and loves and hugs to Mo.


    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  2. Your quilt is looking great. I like what you have done to it. From the photo, I guess Mo likes his comforts . LOL

  3. Obviously the guy didn't think you were a responsible pet owner and that Mo would eat up all those koi. Ha! Wonder why he would care so much when it's not even his unless he has an agreement with the neighbors to stand guard. :) That lichen really is lovely. And the quilt is great. I can't imagine the time it takes to repair it. I'd be like the original maker, just sewing things together as I pleased, no measuring or making sure everything was just right. Warm wishes, Tammy

  4. I love seeing around your neighborhood. I'm sure you were caught off guard at the pond, but next time stick up for yourself and tell him you are not on the grass! Politely of course! Some folks need a lesson in being nice!

  5. Grumpy koi guy probably thought you were going to let Mo go fishing, or throw pennies in or something stupid. *Especially* if you're not on 'his' grass just tell him politely that you're just admiring, and if he didn't want people to look he shouldn't have put it close to the walkway. Some people are just crabs!

    Nice to see the daffs you planted are coming up. Probably next year they'll be a bit quicker, as this year they had to put down roots and stuff. Kel lives in southern California? Daffodils won't grow where there's no 'winter' unless they're grown in pots and kept in the fridge overwinter!

    Maybe you should plant some snowdrops or glory-in-the-snow (I can't think of their proper name just now but they're small blue VERY early flowers), or some hellebores to tide you over until daffodils and crocus bloom...

    The lichen is very cool looking! If you can get tiny bits off to plant without doing any damage to the fence I'd go for it - if the people are home you could ask first, but I don't see why they might object if you only want little bits, and you'd be getting it off the back/public side of the fence anyway. I have no idea how to grow it, though! It's cool up close, very pretty.

    The quilt is coming along nicely. Love the photo of Mo all comfy on his pillow, LOL!

    1. Oops, it was Hunter who said daffs wouldn't grow, but same thing - no winter, no daffodils.

  6. Truly? They shooed you away? How rude! Love all your pics. My dafs and tulips are taking a long time to arrive too. But we are getting there. :) Kit

  7. What a party pooper! I agree with whomever said it...if they don't want people to admire the koi pond, they shouldn't have put it where it could be seen from the public sidewalk. And, who put this guy in charge anyway! I'm sorry that happened. Those sorts of encounters are hard to shake.

    On a happier note, I think the crocuses are charming, and I love that Willow Tree. It is very photogenic. Also the lichens stuff is pretty cool.

    I had a little luck with paper whites here one year, and the foliage continues to come up, but they haven't bloomed in quite sometime. I was okay with that once I realized I couldn't bear their aroma.

    Thanks for sharing!


    1. Forced or potted bulbs, and especially paperwhites usually don t bloom again ever, so maybe they like So Cal and with a bit of bulb food next fall you ll get come blooms


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