I wiped away the weeds & foam. / I fetched my sea-born treasures home... Ralph Waldo Emerson

Friday, February 20, 2015

Inside Outside February

Hi everyone! Here we are, February is almost over. It's so cold my town has built an outdoor skating pond on the plaza in front of City Hall, where the farmers market is held in the summer. Like a miniature Rockefeller Center skating rink!

The beach is inaccessible now....

The bay water has begun to freeze over..

This is a saltwater inlet/ pond on the mainland. I love the many kinds of ducks here. In the summer there are swans.

My hyacinths.
gifted, not grown

These are my January bulbs, doing beautifully, in a slow kind of way.

Tonight may be the coldest night of the year.

Next July we'll think of this night's chill fondly, with wistful memories of crisp cold perfect air, flannel sheets, hot chocolate and fresh from the oven oatmeal cookies.



gone to the beach

sunset is later now, 5.45 or so.
Pink snow!


  1. I know the cold must be getting to you, but it sure does look pretty there. Hard for me to imagine just how cold it feels. It's been a long time. Even when I've visited MD in the winter I always seem to luck out with fairly moderate temperatures.

    The flowers are soooo pretty. What a nice burst of color for a cold day. And, of course having Mo in the photos makes them even better.

    Sooo, going skating? What a fun idea for your town to do that. I think I would like it there. :)

    Thanks for sharing all the pics and for sharing Mo with us.


  2. How beautiful. It's like a view of a different world.

    The bright flowers are such an amazing contrast to the winter view outside.

    It's a little overcast today. There was dew on my car this morning along with the cutest set of little paw prints running from the trunk to over the hood.

    I'm still trying to get a photo of the cranes. We're having our condo tented Monday for termite prevention. It's amazing to try to find a hotel on Maui during high tourist season. You're lucky we don't fly over and stay with you.

    Although I would spend the whole visit hibernating or sitting on my b$tt because I can't walk on ice. LOL.


  3. How nice to enjoy the flowers while enjoying the chilly view.
    We had that crazy arctic blast last year....I like that you seem to be enjoying it. So many people complain- it's winter, get over it! :)

  4. Brrrr. You guys have sure gotten the winter weather and not us. We had a lite skiff of snow last nite. I like it and have missed the snow. Love your flowers, envy that you can have them indoors. They make me sneeze...LOL So pretty! Have a great weekend! Kit


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