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Monday, January 19, 2015

Looking for Spring

Another Monday, mid-January. Hi everyone! Time to plant the flower bulbs for indoor spring blooming!

It feels like we've had a whole years worth of weather in a couple of days! We went from very cold, to warm with torrential rain. Here is Mo in his new spring raincoat. LOL he looks like some alien being. Mo now has quite a PUPPIA wardrobe! He's a little fashion doll.

And here he is being carried home from a playdate. He couldn't slog through yesterday's flooded walkways. But we're oh so glad that precipitation was not snow!

Mr Mockingbird has resumed his winter perch in the ugly locust tree. I am so happy he is back! His feathers look so bright and handsome.

And today is lovely, it feels just like a blustery autumn day. 

I had to hike out to the dunes junk pile for wire to finish my beach wire Valentine/ summertime garden fence hearts....

They've been curing on my own fence for over a year! Nice and grungy rusty. I'll spray them with sealant before I sell them.

During the rain yesterday I worked on my etsy hearts.

Mo helped...

''Mom this is boring,'' he whined.

And today I finished cleaning out my deck flower pots---still lots of green!--- and then I planted my spring indoor bulbs.

This jello mold tin [inside the yelloware bowl] holds paper whites and a single stray yellow daff.

And this year I am trying hyacinths. They're a beautiful deep blue, at least on the label. They were very on sale in November. I've had them in a cold spot to tease them into indoor blooms. [it may not work]. Two are showing green sprouts so they went into glass jars on the windowsill.

This is supposedly a vintage hyacinth vase---Danish modern?, a find by my mom from the Cape Cod dump's Swap Shop.

Then I planted the rest of the bag of bulbs in this blue delft hyacinth bowl. A dumpster find! So far nothing I've ever put in this bowl has grown...maybe that's why it was by the dumpster? It's in a bucket, rehydrating the unused soil disk that came with the paperwhites.

I also redid my plate rack and sideboard's transferware collections. The shelf is mostly black and white, just a few special blue pieces for now.

The pine dresser I kept simple. White ironstone and two very pretty, spring-like chintz ware jugs, c.1890?

Back to work for me. I'm hoping for a sunny day tomorrow to photo my hearts for my shop.

Mo wouldn't wear his hood so he was still wet.

I hope you all had a lovely long weekend. Is all your Christmas stuff put away? Are you sneaking in bits of spring?



gone to the beach

snow squalls

or not

PS If you didn't buy spring bulbs to force, you can buy very inexpensive forced spring plants now/ soon at the grocery store. You can then unpot them, rinse off the soil and set them in Mason jars or whatever container you like, with water and seaglass or pebbles or marbles. Looks great and requires less planning ahead. I am planning to fill my pastel McCoy flower pots soon, with primroses or grape hyacinths. Lily of the valley, tiny Tete a Tete daffs. Whatever is cute. Have fun!


  1. LOVE it when you do your bulbs! Can't wait to see them when they've bloomed. I really hope hyacinth bloom. Exciting!

    Your plate rack looks great, as does the pine dresser. I like the vase? thing with the little handles on either side that you have sand dollars and shells in.

    Christmas stuff all put away...well except for those few things that seem to escape me every year. Those are in a stack on the desk. It's entirely possible that's where they'll be next Christmas.

    As I'm writing this, it's 5:31 pm here, and it's not quite dark yet, I love it. The sunsets have been amazing too.

    Quite the fashion-ista that Mo. He's got better outdoor gear than I do.

    Oh, and HEARTS! So irresistible.

    Enjoy the week!


  2. Hi Kel! I noticed the later sunsets too! I m so happy because for awhile there Mo had tohave dinner at 3 30 PM or have his dinner walk in the dark!

    I have a little drawer where I keep the Xmas stuff that doesn t get properly stored. The little bits make good photo props at odd moments so I don t mind.

    The glass jar/ vase with the shlls was a flea market find. It came as is, with most of the shells already in it. I don t know what it is but I loved it and lugged it around a very hot flea one day a few years ago.

    Yep,I gotta sell some hearts! Mo needs more clothes and a Snoozer clamshell bed. It s like having a third child.



  3. Love seeing all the goodness here! All except poor Mo in his rain jacket! What a hoot!
    I noticed it was still light at 5oclock last night.... Yay, for longer days.

  4. I never plan far enough ahead to do indoor bulbs. I don't like the way paperwhites smell, but I do love hyacinths! I hope yours do okay. I had some outdoors for a while and one went back to 'wild' or something - it didn't stay tightly stacked, it was taller and loose - looked funny but smelled wonderful. I'm looking forward to seeing your blooms!

    I got my Christmas tree put away, but the ornaments are still in the corner.... Oh, well!


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