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Monday, December 29, 2014

December Flag Blocks

Hi! Hard to believe that December is ending, along with the year 2015.

''The days go so slow but the years go too fast..."

I want to share the Moon and Star blocks that were our December assignment for Lori's Flags of the American Revolution [J Patek] quiltalong.
I have to say I am very blessed with dear friends who have pitched in to help me sew my Flag blocks while my painful hand heals from its injury/ arthritis/ whatever.

This block is by my friend BJ.

Moultrie Flag (Liberty Moon)*

It is her first attempt at appliqué. Great job!

And all these blocks were sewed by my good friend here: Melody / "Mel".

Moon and Star spacer blocks

South Carolina Crescent Moons

She really has been a lifesaver and has done so much with the quiltalong blocks for me.
Most of these blacks were hand dyed by me, my stash doesn't have as much/ many black prints as I'd wish.

starfish Star, a little nod to the Beach
My quilt will not only be a wonderful patriotic quilt, in memory of my dad who made folk art flags---but also a friendship quilt with names and love sewed into its heart.

Thank you Mel and BJ! And dear L who heroically sewed all the thirteen star blocks, saving them for next? time.
I'll add the link for Lori's blog Liky page when she sets it up. For now her blog is:Humble Quilts



gone to the beach

Kitty looking pretty on a fence
Kitty actually is sitting on a neighbor's uncovered black grill!
LOL I bet the black metal is cozy warm in the bright sun.
snow buntings in the bare bayberry trees at sunset


  1. That is going to be such a great quilt!

  2. Your quilt will be so layered with meaning by the time it's done! I have one more crescent to sew tomorrow and then I will be able to share my blocks.

  3. Your friends have done a wonderful job for you, everything looks great. What special people they must be!

    Beautiful Kitty. Smart kitty! Thanks for including the pics.

    Happy New Year to you,


  4. Great friends and great blocks. I love black kitties.

  5. You will have lovely memories each time looking at the blocks and eventually finished quilt.

  6. What wonderful friends you have! Your blocks look great! Happy New Year!

  7. What a unique and beautiful quilt. I've never dyed fabric. It must be a lot of fun.

    I'm getting ready to start painting my own origami paper. Isn't it fun to experiment.

    Hugs to Mo.

  8. How nice to have help. I hope you will soon be able to stitch.

  9. All your blocks look wonderful! Glad we are getting closer to a finish!

  10. What wonderful friends you have! The blocks look great.....I see a lot of my favorite fabrics in them!


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