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Saturday, September 6, 2014

The Colors of the Harvest

Hi guys! The following photos were taken at the farmers market the other day.
Aren't the colors wonderful, so rich and saturated and joyful! Just walking through the market taking pictures makes my heart sing.
please click on anyphoto for large pix / slide show. So pretty!




I love the contrast of the old weathered baskets and burlap used by the farmers.

I can see this day inspiring new quilt designs and color ways, perhaps in an Amish tradition?
The Muted tones of sage, khaki, grey, tan, cream with black, like some of the baskets....(notice all the shades and textures! especially all the deep and varied purples.)



a few stripes or texture?

dull shades and black
with tiny pops of fuchsia and orange?
And I also am attracted to the brights--should I even say "brilliants"? Set against a dusty tan, with a border inspired by the tomato red and tan stripes, below:






I am thinking a Baskets  pattern would be so suitable for this idea, maybe a Liberated Baskets pattern like Lori's, here, which I believe is a design by Gwen Marston, though I know I have a version also from another designer. How fun to not be matching points, just luxuriating in the dense colors of early Autumn!
Fun to play with ideas, isn't it. Especially if they mean I don't have to cook, now that we are having our September heat wave.
(No sewing and especially no cutting or hand sewing/ hand quilting for me! For awhile....no clue what's wrong. May try to go to the new emergency care place on Monday, you may recall we have no ER here since Sandy, and no xray facilities etc. So far rest and ice are helping. But gee! I can't even knit! Mel's gonna have to Fed Ex me her Buffy CD collection soon. Thank goodness for Kindle and a day with Jack Reacher here....)
gone to the beach............

Hi from Mo!
PS Car update: Here is my new Jeep at the farmers market. It's a smaller version of my personal choice/ favorite, but I love it, despite all the too-fancy-for-this-girl gadgets it has.... I never had a white Jeep before.



  1. Gorgeous inspiring produce colors! I hope you are on the mend SOON! There is lots of appliqueing to be done on the flags quilt:)

  2. The colors are so beautiful, and I like your quilt ideas! I'd probably use more brights (well, SATURATED colors) with the gray and black one but that's just me. The tan idea with tomato-y red color and the stripey border would really be pretty! Thanks to your great pictures you can keep your inspiration handy for when your hand is back in shape for quilting and playing.

    Do you have any idea what happened to your hand? Remember hitting it or anything? I know you don't like doctors but it might be worth getting it checked out. If nothing else, maybe a brace would keep you more comfortable until it gets better.

    Your new Jeep is pretty sleek! I usually avoid white vehicles (I grew up on a dirt road!) but it looks sharp. Hopefully you will get used to all the gadgets!

    Yell if you want to borrow Buffy! LOL!

    Did you buy any of the pretty vegetables? There was some interesting squash, and the striped eggplant was cool!

  3. Great pics! Look at those egg plants. Sorry about your hand/arm, I hope you get healed up fast. Kit

  4. OH MY GOSH! Isn't nature AMAZING! Those colors are beautiful.

    Congrats on the new car, it's very nice looking. I know what you mean about all new fangled stuff on cars now. It's mind boggling.

    Hope the wrist thing passes soon.

    Hello Mo!


    1. Hi hand still hurts Good thing new car is keyless cos I can't turn keys or doorknobs

      Glad you enjoyed the photos

  5. Oh my stars, the keyless thing makes me nuts! Glad you have it now though. -Kel


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