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Monday, September 1, 2014

My Eagle

Hi everyone! I am rushing out to the beach on this final official day of summer. Oh it is so hot and sunny, poor kids starting school in a few days. That's so sad!

Here is my very primitive Eagle block:

Block one of Lori at Humble quilts' quiltalong. [pattern / book by Jan Patek]

With the encouragement and help of Lori and blog friends, he was more fun to sew and less scary than I had envisioned.
Funny how someone's little casual hint, like Lori saying she trims her seam allowances as she goes, can make things go better.

The book tells a bit of each block's history. This block is based on the Great Seal of the United States. It seems Benjamin Franklin was opposed to using an eagle because he claimed eagles are just low scavengers! But then he okayed this version because in his opinion it looked more like a turkey anyway. Hahhahah! I adjusted my ''turkey'' to be more eagle-headed but those drumstick legs make me smile every time.

I also changed the pattern design to have thirteen stars, for the 13 original colonies....

Thanks to Lori for sharing star fabric for my wreath filler!

Wonder what is next!?



gone to the beach.....

Please check out Lori's blog here to see everyone's Eagle blocks! They're wonderful, so many and so beautifully done. Enjoy.


  1. I like your eagle very much and it really looks like an eagle with your improvements to its beak! Glad to have found your blog through the link up. Your heart sachets, recipes, beautiful beach photos! Lots to appreciate here.

  2. Hahaha, I was just thinking about those drummy legs---- Yummy! LOL Your eagle looks fantastic. I love that you used the stars on the chest too! Trees next. I hope you saw that.

  3. Your eagle turned out great!!

  4. I like the fabric you chose for the eagle.

  5. I was going to ask why the one corner had 4 stars when the others had 3 - then you answered it farther down in the post! Looking good! Ben Franklin would approve!

    You know, SOME kids (maybe not fortunate enough to live near the beach) actually look forward to school starting. I always did. Even though we played outside a lot, I missed school. :)

  6. Love how you added that 13th star. Your eagle looks great!

  7. Great eagle!! Love the start of everyone's project and can't wait to see what the next months will bring!


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