I wiped away the weeds & foam. / I fetched my sea-born treasures home... Ralph Waldo Emerson

Friday, August 22, 2014

Brrrr! Goosebumps in August!?

Yes! Shiver weather here, who'd ever expect this chill in late August, usually a time a bright sun and too hot temps.

I'd planned today to be a beach day, did all my chores and errands earlier in the week to keep Friday --and the weekend--- free. Packed up  my sewing and knitting projects, filled a little cooler with drinks and antipasto snacks for later. Got to the beach, met up with my friends and family.
No sooner did I knit a row of ribbing than the wind began to howl and one of the guys pointed to the northern sky!

Doesn't this look ominous?

Weather Bug said 2% chance of rain, so, well....okay. Fine.

We built wind barriers with our umbrellas. I borrowed a long sleeved t-shirt form one of the guys. But no. Just too too too cold.

See how dark the path is? 2 PM!

Fun bench, too bad it gets removed in the winter. Mo and I would love to sit here on sunny winter days.

The dunes are suddenly very lush and well-planted. That 14" rain last week did the dune plants a world of good.


Remember: not-quite 2 years ago, H Sandy tore through these dunes and all was washed away. Good rebound, I am so happy.

Hints of autumn in the rose brambles.

Back home, the wind had blown away my ladybug sculplture.

I was sad and finally found her splayed on her back behind the planters, waving her legs in the air [no not really,lol]. I gave her a new fancy stake [broom handle] and placed her back in a different pot.

New Guinea impatiens are so basic but so pretty and dependable, even late in the season.

Mo is proud! He can get up on the deck chair by himself now! Good boy.

Have a great weekend! Dig out your jeans and sweaters? I may have to....



gone to the beach..............

tiny colorful butterfly shells


  1. Wow! That did look ominous. But sometimes looks are deceiving. Hope it passed through without causing any problems. Even high winds themselves sometimes can cause a lot of damage. Nature is amazing when it comes to regenerating. Have a good weekend. Tammy

  2. Ooooh! Ominous, but beautiful sky. Hard to believe it's nearing the end of August already! Weren't you just welcoming summer?

    Doesn't seem like Sandy was almost two years ago. Are the memories from that time still vivid for you, or are they beginning to fade somewhat?

    Your pictures are seeming more clear and the colors brighter, are you using a new camera?

    Yay Mo!


  3. Wow, that was some sky! Sorry that your beach day had to be cancelled. We are getting a visit from Canada's weather and we may get snow above 6500 feet! Only 57 degrees here today and very rainy. I had the furnace on this morn. Keep warm! Kit

  4. Our evenings have been chilly, but still hot during the day. That's fairly typical weather here in late summer.
    Nice to see the dunes recover so quickly.


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